How often do you replace pillows and sheets?

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Port Moody, Canada

How often do you replace pillows and sheets?


Hello, everyone 👋


A single night of good sleep can greatly influence our guests' overall stay. Regardless of hosting short-term or long-term, it's crucial to regularly assess the condition of the pillows and sheets. Some Hosts in our community have mentioned that they personally stay in their listings every few months to evaluate the quality of amenities, including bedding.


I would like to ask our amazing Hosts: What strategy do you follow to check if you need to replace your sheets and pillows? How frequently do you do so?


Let's exchange our insights in this thread to help other Hosts adopt effective practices.



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England, United Kingdom

@Paula we check the bed linen every time we make the beds. Stains or excessive wear will cause an item of bedding to be rejected and replaced. We keep spares available so panic does not set in at this point!

Generally it is stains that cause rejects as quality bedding tends not to wear out before it gets stained.

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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Mike-And-Jane0, thank you for sharing your experience. Regarding pillows, do you have an average time frame for replacing them?



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@Paula  As @Mike-And-Jane0  stated, linens are usually taken out of service due to staining.  It is my practice to replace pillows once a year.  New pillows go on the beds and the old pillows are washed, dryer fluffed and put in the closet to act as spare or extra pillows that the guest can use at their discretion.  All pillows are double covered with pillow encasements.

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Rotorua, New Zealand

Hey Paula, while our cleaning process we check linen an pillows to make sure they are of good standard if they seem even slightly stained or worn out we will replace them. We usually put brand new ones every year just to keep it updated.

Mostly when guest check out.

Pillows are a vital part of comfortable rest, and a restful night can spike up traffic. 

Our rooms come with minimum of 2-4 different pillows to accommodate each visitor’s preferences. Replacements are also made every six months.


However, we regularly change our linens every 12 hours with an exception to stain and visitor’s request. 


I’m also open to any ideas or suggestions that can make hospitality more enjoyable for my guests.






Hi Paula,


I too offer a variety of pillows to accommodate guest preferences. As far as sheets are concerned, I use white sheets and pillow cases. These are cleaned using bleach and one can easily identify stains that cannot be removed and wear and tear. Basically, there is not set timeframe when to change out - it depends on the condition of them.

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Elk Park, NC

I haven’t had to replace any pillows or linens yet because I have only been hosting for a short time. However, if there are any stains or signs of wear on them I will remove them. I

use a lint roller to remove any hair or particles from the outside of the pillow protector. I

provide extra pillows but have noticed that some people bring their own. Perhaps the pillows should be replaced after a year or two. Quality sheets should last longer. 

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Buckhorn, Canada

Depending on the clients needs 

typical done after every stay whether it’s 1 day or if it’s a long term clients as per their request 

I have a full concierge service 
some families will bring there own if they so prefer 

each rental is just geared to the family or individual 

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London, United Kingdom

All top layer linen touching the guest is freshly laundered after each stay, or once a week if it is a longer than 7 day booking.  . All pillows, duvets and mattresses are covered with thick protectors and double layers of bed linen, ie two pillowcases and two duvet covers. The layer touching the pillow or mattress topper or duvet  is changed every month or whenever marked. Pillows and mattress toppers are dry cleaned  either whenever marked or every six months. Sheets and pillow cases are replaced altogether if the linen is worn and the laundry repair  service cannot do an invisible mend. 

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Oakville, Canada

We have a set of sheets and towels for each room. We wash and rotate sheets after each guest. Upon a 6mth review, a new purchase for permanent replacement will be made .

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Ojai, CA

Before every guest stay, all the linen is always laundered and changed. This includes pillowcases, all sheets, towels, floor mats. Since we are only 3 months in as hosts, we have not had the need to replace our pillows, but if they tend to go wonky, they will get tossed and replaced for sure! 

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For the comfort and hygiene of all our guests, we ensure clean linens and towels for each new arrival. This means we professionally wash all bedding, towels, and bathmats after every single guest.

For longer stays, exceeding one week, we offer two options:

  • Weekly linen exchange: We'll gladly replace linens and towels with fresh ones once a week at no additional cost.

Laundry facilities are available: we have a washing machine and dryer available in the unit. We provide a detergent free of charge.


vi byter alltid efter varje gäst och om dom stannar länge och behöver bytas så byter vi såklart !!