Indoor infrared sauna VS outdoor "barrel sauna"

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Ottawa, Canada

Indoor infrared sauna VS outdoor "barrel sauna"

Hey friends, 


We are looking at installing either an indoor infrared sauna OR an outdoor barrel sauna for our rental cottage. Both have their pros and cons for our area and situation, however since we've never owned either before, we are hoping for some feedback - 


In your experience, what worked with either sauna, and what didn't? 


Were there extra costs associated with either option, that we might not even be thinking of?


Thanks to everyone for your opinion!


Andria & Kevin, Chalet Desjardins

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Hey there @Andria164,


Hmm.... great question! I'm no expert on saunas but @Robert5835 and @Peter3397  have previously commented on this thread and have saunas, and @Laura2592 was thinking about it too. Did you ever take the plunge @Laura2592



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