Join us/ Let's save as much energy together as possible.

Join us/ Let's save as much energy together as possible.

Dear host from all over the world.



My name is Patricia and, together with my husband, Dragos, we are hosts and have a small house, in front of the ocean, in Madeira Island.
Over time, I discovered that quite a lot of energy is consumed with ironing bed linens. Then we came up with the idea to ask more people if they iron their bed linen or how much time they spend with this activity.

Most of them said that they don't iron their bed linens.

For us, the comfort of our guests is very important, therefore, the next step was to ask our guests the following question:
Do you agree that the cotton bed linen should be unironed?

The answer was Yes, definitely!

We thank our guests very much for choosing, without hesitation, for the bed linen to be unironed and for encouraging us to continue saving energy.


Now, we encourage you, hosts from all over the world, to ask your guests if they agree that the bed linen should be unironed.

It is very important to ask what your guests want before changing the rules.

Good luck!


Lazy Lizard by the Ocean - Seixal, Madeira Is.

P.S. please share your results with us.

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As a guest of Airbnbs, I prefer the sheets to be clean and polished. It gives me a more comfortable and luxurious feel. So doesn't matter if the sheets are ironed or not. 

Hello James, tks for your feedback. It's a good information for me. 

Level 10
Huskisson, Australia

@Patricia4178 unfortunately I like to see ironed sheets on my Airbnb beds. Too me it says I am in competition with hotels who look as they they are winning with the rules changing for Airbnb's with councils and states.


However, we have solar panels and battery storage so we try to be environmental friendly. I use an ironing press to reduce time, iron in the daytime (solar used) and keep in contact with friends on speaker phone while ironing. This is part of my time management for our Airbnb. 

It will be interesting to read the results will be.

Hello Laurelle3, tks for your feedback. It's a good information for me. 

Level 10
England, United Kingdom

@Patricia4178 I love it when a dislike of ironing can be badged environmentally friendly. Shame about all the emissions people will use flying to Madeira to experience un ironed sheets. 

Dear Mike-And-Jane0,
We strongly believe in a better world, that's why we wanted to share what we do with the Airbnb community.
We know that it is a small step in the direction of saving energy, but if we do this as much as possible and, of course, where possible, the step can be very big.
I am amazed and sad at the same time to see that someone from the airbnb community can offer such a comment.
For me, this community is a place where we can share good ideas, a place where we learn from each other and grow together.
However, I understand that this is your opinion and I accept it.
I wish you all the best!

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