Linen quality

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Linen quality

Looking for input and advice. I’m super picky about linens. I use 100%  white cotton sheets and duvet covers. My issue is that I’m going through them quite quickly (5 beds) with staining and have actually replaced some of the covers with microfiber. I don’t think it would be as much of an issue if I was doing the laundry but, unfortunately, I’m 1.5 hours from my property so I hire out my cleaning and laundry. So, my question is, do guests have as high of a standard? Should I just give in to cheap microfiber all together since I’m having to replace so often? My property is a clean, rustic mountain cabin/cottage. Also, it’s not really an investment property. It’s my MIL’s who moved to a retirement community and we’re just trying to hold on a few more years until it’s paid off. Most other hosts in the area seem to use colored sheets and quilts, which I think is gross since the quilts don’t get washed every stay. 

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Hi @Kristine295,  -I had a similar issue, and we use a microfiber duvet cover that is incredibly soft and has gotten great feedback in reviews from guests, and has managed to stay clean using Persil Advanced laundry detergent. When you say you hire out your laundry are you cleaners doing the laundry in your Airbnb or do you use a laundry service? I think you are right to stick with the white sheets there have been so many studies done that confirm that guests prefer white sheets that I wouldn't change. Reach out if you want to the link to the duvet covers. Best of luck!

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We use all cotton and have the same issue -- but it's the cleaners not the sheets.  Because they are doing laundry onsite, they are using quick wash to get through all the loads, so aren't using Oxyclean and doing a long enough cycle to get any sort of stain out.  I have the same staining issue with my towels as well. 


I personally wouldn't switch to microfiber.  I think they sleep hot and feel super cheap.  They are polyester.  I hate to say this, but when I stay at an Airbnb that has microfiber, I will hunt the closets to see if there are any alternatives and I will not book that property again.  

The cotton sheets that I use are high quality but lower in cost.  California Design Den from Amazon.  I use the 400 thread count and they are great.  Have also used the organic which I also like.

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@Kristine295  I'm with @Amy2805  I use all cotton everything, but not everything is white, which might be part of your problem. I use white cotton sheets- actually the same ones mentioned by Amy2805, and I also don't recommend switching to microfiber anything. As she stated, it sleeps super hot, and feel cheap and will also get pilly after many washings. 


My blankets and bedspreads and duvets are also cotton, but colors and patterns that won't show stains, not that they get stained. It's mostly sheets, and I can deal with that. Fels Naptha soap is great for getting out stains (although who the heck knows that's in there?? It might be naphthalene, which I think is a dry cleaning ingredient) but anyway...that and some hydrogen peroxide and a cold soak and wash usually does the trick. 


And, without question- I wash EVERYTHING between guests!! Blankets and bedspreads and anything used. Part of the beauty of cotton is that this can be done easily. I had to shop for things that weren't too bulky to fit in my Samsung front-load, and I've been successful. They're also holding up really well considering the many wash cycles they've been through. I also used colored towels and haven't had a problem with stains on those. 


So when you say that other hosts used colored bedding but they don't wash it every time, you may just be wrong about that. 


I say make the switch to colored bedding other than sheets. Just make sure it's all washable in a standard machine. 


Hi, to concur I do exactly the same. ie white sheets that goto laundromat, good quality like bamboo. threadcount up above 400. don't need egyptian cotton but certainly not microfibre. agree they pill too easily. 

as for the quilt covers or blankets, yep have learnt my lesson and gone for multi coloured small patterns. don't stain as easily and more importantly, dont need ironing with small patterns. nothing with stripes or geometrics either, they show up creases more. as for blankets, just plain dark colours.

and sorry but i don't wash those every guest turn if it looks like the guests stayed between the sheets. maybe monthly or every few months (which for us is probably like 3-6 bookings being a large group property). and with 8 beds, that's alot of washing. when i say wash, i mean we have triples of everything. we run 3 sets to allow for laundromat turnover being a rural property, it can take a week or two. 

if i was there though doing it all myself, i would send the sheets and pillowcases to laundromat, and the rest like towels and quilts and blankets, i would wash myself. but don't have option, so it all goes to laundromat and the bill gets quite high if everything was done everytime. 


ps saw a comment on coloured sheets. with our single beds, we have gone with quality coloured sheets no problem. just to help us distinguish easily between the QB and SB linen. the other thing i've noticed is that with the single sheets, they never get confused at the laundromat, usually come back. the white queen bed sheets on the other hand, i swear half of them weren't the brand i originally bought, but oh well. i would iron on label them if i had time...


pss my future plan when the white sheets start to go, is to replace with black sheets actually! might be a better chance of them not seeing stains and the laundromat not getting them mixed up....but if the research says white sheets then maybe i should stay with that? and just label them?


psss i'm actually less worried as a guest about quilt covers and blankets, as i'm not sleeping on those, but actually the hygiene of mattress protectors and pillow protectors, cause that's what im sleeping on. i think its disgusting when i strip an airbnb bed, to find stains. I am fastidious about ours and constantly check them all and wash/replace and run spares of those. 


hope this helps, regs mary


Hi Kia,

Do you have any duvet or bedspread recommendations? Thank you!

@Elizabeth3409 I actually do! As far as cotton duvet covers, they are readily available, so no particular recommendations. I'm using one by Eddie Bauer, but only because it fit my decor. Anything from Ikea to something high-end is fine. 


For bedspreads- don't laugh- I actually found mine via this CC and someone else's post. It's from JC Penney (that's the don't laugh part!) They have a number of fairly plain, all cotton, some are reversible, bedspreads and quilts.


They're actually pretty affordable, and the one I have has held up well with multiple washings. And obviously, it fits in my washer without a problem- a Samsung front-load. 


I actually bought this (below) as a summer bedspread because I love the way it looks, but it's thoroughly impractical because I have to wash and dry it on gentle/low heat and that takes a while:


There you have it! Kia


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 @Kristine295, we also purchase California Design sheets, higher thread count. I do our own laundry so I can catch stains and can take care of it right there prior to washing. I typically do this as Im stripping the bed linens and have my stain remover bottle in my other hand. We only use white bed linens! 


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@Kristine295 Hi, I have sensitive skin, and also prefer 100% cotton. But, the white microfiber sheets I use (HC Collection from Amazon) are breathable, for all seasons, and actually pass my feel and temp. test approval.  For duvet covers, I use the Bedsure White Duvet Cover (polyester) from Amazon, and it passes my tests too.  Have been using these items in my Airbnb for several months, and have had no pilling, and no complaints on them sleeping too hot.  But, sheets haven’t experienced major stains yet.  Also, I use soft silver (very light grey) towels, from Walmart’s Better Homes & Gardens, and they still give a light, airy, and peaceful vibe, and wash well.  Hope this helps.