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Review My Listing

Hello Fellow Hosts,

I hope this message finds you well! I’m reaching out to this wonderful community for some constructive feedback on my Airbnb listing. As hosts, we all know the importance of presenting our properties in the best possible light to attract guests and ensure a pleasant stay. To that end, I would greatly appreciate your insights and critiques on my listing.


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San Antonio, TX

Hi, Arijana! I would say right off the bat you should get professional photography. The lighting is very dark and the pictures are crooked. Your outside image isn't very flattering, so definitely reshoot that. I believe the last picture of the different images is unnecessary.


On the design side, your decor seems very sparce and not very welcoming. Your bedding should always be white. As a longtime guest I would not select your place. It does not feel like a place I'd like to spend my holiday.


I would do a nice refresh of your interior design to make it friendlier. It would help your listing a lot. Good luck!

Hi Juan,

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your honesty and suggestions. I plan to call a professional photographer after I renovate the apartment. I'll also be refreshing the interior design to make it more welcoming.

Thanks again!


No problem, I want you to succeed! Your reviews are mostly very good! So that's a huge plus. I think if you made some of the things I suggested, it would increase your occupancy and rate.

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Buckeye, AZ


Very cute and good reviews.  Just for me  I try  to attract longer than 1   night.  Maybe 1  nighters are good for you, majority reviews  say  your doing outstanding.      

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you find the place cute and appreciate the positive reviews. I understand your point about attracting longer stays. While one-night bookings have been working well for us, I'll definitely consider strategies to encourage longer stays in the future.

Thanks again for your feedback!


I  think making something  more for a 1 week  comfort.  You will  have a couple either with or without children.  Two  twin  beds in the only bedroom doesn't present  that expectation  of  comfort  for a   couple..  You mention sleep sofas and I  did see positive reviews from people  with  children.  As  a parent  I want to see how  the  living room sleeping is arranged and if easy.  Also if a family the living room is basically my  childrens bedroom at  night,  so the parents bedroom  has to show a tv maybe some comfortable but not big chairs.  Also nightlights say  I want something in the  kitchen but my children are asleep.   Show me  nightlights so I can get  to kitchen without turning on lights (there is even motion night lights)  and some way to  see in  the kitchen without a bright light.  

Buy  a white noise machine if watching tv in bedroom can be heard in living room.

@Marie8425 Thanks for the feedback! We'll consider your suggestions. We're thinking of replacing the twin beds with a queen or king bed for couples. We'll make sure the sleep sofas are comfortable and easy to set up, and we already have a  TV and cozy chairs to the bedroom for parents.  Thanks again for your valuable suggestions!

Hi, as others said, photos are the most important for a good ad. You need professional photos, and the main photo needs to be very grippy. Put a colorful/strange/abnormal/curious photo for your main photo, your ad will then pop up in the long and boring whitish/greyish listings. You do not need to show your apartment/house/rooms for this main photo, just something that catches attention. I personnaly chose a pinky photo and another with greens for my mains, it attracts attention, and really works! I have many customers telling me it catched their curiosity, and they finally chose my flat, because of that design/behavior...

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Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Arijana79 , Hope you’re well 🌻😍

How are are you progressing with updating your listing? 

I noticed you've received fantastic ideas and suggestions from fellow Hosts @Nicolas2258 @Marie8425 @Juan63 . Have you already put these ideas into practise? 

As our Hosts continue to share their incredible ideas with you, I wanted to share a few guides drafted by some wonderful and experienced Hosts in the Community as well, in case you find them useful for reference or tips. Hope it helps!



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Thank you for checking in! 

I've made some progress with updating my listing and have already implemented a few suggestions from @Nicolas2258, @Marie8425, and @Juan63. Their insights were incredibly helpful!

I appreciate you sharing these additional guides. I'll definitely go through them to see how I can further improve my listing. The community support here is amazing, and I'm grateful for all the tips and advice.

Thanks again for your help!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Always happy to help! @Arijana79 😊 Please feel free to reach out to the Community if you have any concerns or experiences to share😍

All the best 🌻



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Hi there @Arijana79 

Well done you on what you have achieved so far! You've obviously learned heaps and improving all the time. That's all any of us can do really.


Clearly you are priced right and have the basics sorted. Suggest if you haven't already, indicating the lift/level 7 in your listing under 'things to know'. Those with heavy luggage need to know this.


Lots of fine suggestions below, including figuring out if you are targetting families or not. If families to get longer bookings or couples, then you've already figured out to replace the single beds. Go for a queen. Also check you have enough cutlery crockery and kitchen appliances. Just make sure you get the basics sorted.


I did notice the cooker is next to a curtain (fire hazard), and perhaps if you changed the sheer curtain to blinds, it might actually open up the space more. And i'd never have kettle on top of microwave right under a cupboard - the steam from the kettle will damage the cupboards eventually. Could you do anything with the tiles? Like regrout or paint over? It could make a massive difference. Kitchens are important to airbnbs and I look at them when evaluating a property even if its a kitchenette. I also saw some piping around the cooker, can that also be painted to blend into the white wall? If you were able, perhaps replacing the kitchen table and chairs with something that isn't white (so easily stains/chips) and not padded (who knows what's been wiped on them - puts me off). A nice wooden kitchen table instead of what you have that looks like a dining table stuffed into a kitchenette.


Some nice decor that represents the vibe of your city maybe on the walls. Lots of great wall space to do something with. If you have lots of natural light, then indoor plants always helps.


I think professional photography if it's not affordable for you, can be done by following the tips airbnb provides. I take my own photos, i just take lots of them in different light settings/time of day with all lights on inside and see what looks best.


Hope this helps, 

Kind regs



Hi @Mary1523 
Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will definitely take a look into them.

Kind regards.