Looking for an AIRBNB mentor in Dublin Ireland

Looking for an AIRBNB mentor in Dublin Ireland


Does Anybody know if AIRBNB in dublin have a mentor programme for  new potential peole looking to  let their property , if not is there an experienced  superhost host   in the Dublin  Ireland Area, who could advise me on the possible letting of a full house ,I would be happy to pay a resonable fee for this advise, 



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Dublin, Ireland

Hi @Gary230 !!



We have been super hosts for one year in Dublin and we could help you to get a quick start on this platform to get everything ready for the peak season.


Me and my fiancé are Co-hosts from loads of apartments in city centre and we have helped a bunch of new hosts to build a strong listing with useful tips and sometimes taking 100% of control over the process to list a new place.


Send me an email if you would be interested 🙂


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Kind regards,



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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Gary230, welcome to the Airbnb Community Center 👋


Have you seen David's message? You can contact him through a direct message in our community once you log in as a Host. Alternatively, you could seek assistance from an expert co-host on this page.


I hope this helps.



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