Pool Control Software - Request for Feedback

Pool Control Software - Request for Feedback

Hi all,

  Recently setup one of our places to rent that has a pool. I couldn't find any pool control software that renters would use vs a home owner.  We have iAqualink, but that is basically for the homeowner, not a renter.

So, i built something for an ipad that has two parts


Front end part allows renters to start/stop things like spa, waterfalls, lights, etc.  It can also set the spa temp


Backend part is only visible by property manager/me. We can set the min/max spa temps, when things should run (like filter, etc) shut off times for all things (like 10pm to 7am) and allows the pool to be heated on a schedule (if someone paid for it when they reserved)


Would this sort of service be something that other Hosts would want? Have you found software that already does this and if so what was it?


This has helped my property manager and heating/elect bills because it is now fully automated, but split control. One for renters, one for us.  

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Hi Scott this is something I would be interested in. We currently use iAquaLink and asks the guests to send us a message when they’d like to use the hot tub but it would be great for the guests to be able to turn jt on and off with a simple app 

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Hi Scott,

That is what exactly I am also looking for.

Great you able to achieve this.

Do you have the app available in app store ? If so, what is the name of the app.



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I have been RACKING my brain with iAqualink trying to figure out a way to lock guest out of certain functions for days w/o success.  The best I have been able to achieve is auto-on and off times and timers for the spa and lights, etc.  But we also have the RS remote for guests with two pre-configured buttons for spa and lights.  However, if they are savoy, which most are they can scroll through the menu and change a lot.  


I would LOVE more info about this app you made! **

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Hi scott,


I would be interested in the app you have that works on an ipad for Aqualink .


Please send me a message 


Thank you,

Dan Lovell

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Hi Scott, 

would love to get a  copy! Please let me know if this is possible. 

many thanks!


Hi Scott - I’m very interested in this app.  Please send a copy if you can. Would greatly appreciate it. 

Hello Scott ,

I found your messaging researching ways to help guests manage certain pool functions while locking them out of others. I would love more information,


thank you,


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Hi Scott, 

i am very interested in this App. Can you please share more information? 
Thank you,


Hi @Scott1097 , I am looking for the same solution. I was pointed to a Jandy remote but very interested in learning more about what you cam up with. Please let me know the best way to connect on this.

Hi Scott, I am desperately seeking a solution. Can you please ahare?






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