Should Guest be Expected to Clean when Host Charges a Cleaning Fee?

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Should Guest be Expected to Clean when Host Charges a Cleaning Fee?

Hi there, 


Curious on this one as a guest and a host.   My wife/friendsand I have been on opposite sides of the argument both as hosts and guests.


If a host charges a guest a cleaning fee (not small at $200 here in SF), what is the cleaning expectation of guests?


Some in our circles have argued guests should do the dishes and leave the place tidy.  Others have argued their paying a sizeable cleaning fee so why should they have to clean.


Curious what the community thinks and if there is a clear answer or it depends.


Thanks in Advance!


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As a guest, if the host is going to charge a cleaning fee, the listing - not a folder at the house - should state what the fee covers and what the host expects of the guest so that the guest can decide if it is worth it or not. If they want you to pay a large cleaning fee and aren't up front about their expectations, i feel like they are just being dishonest and trying to use scam tactics to make their place look more desirable. 

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I have the whole house cleaned once a week, usually on Fridays. Every guest is otherwise obliged to clean everything again. If the room is rented out to two workers, I have to say something every now and then, but then it works.


BW Ralf*



ich lasse einmal die Woche, in der Regel freitags, das ganze Haus reinigen. Jeder Gast ist, ansonsten verpflichte alles wieder sauber zu machen. Wenn das Zimmer an zwei Monteure vermietet ist, muss hin und wieder etwas sagen, dann klappt es bis her.


LG Ralf


[*The original comment was written in German, English translation added.]



Hallo Ralf!


Danke für deine Antwort zu diesem Thema. Super, dass dir das Thema Sauberkeit am Gastgeberherz liegt! 😊

Ich habe mir erlaubt, deinen Kommentar ins Englische zu übersetzen, da du hier irgendwie im englischsprachigen Community Center gelandet bist. Komm doch rüber zu uns (Deutschsprachigen)! 😁 Reinigung ist auch dort immer wieder ein Thema. Hier ist ein Link, der dich direkt zur Startseite des deutschsprachigen CCs bringt.


Bis gleich! 😉



Hello Ralf!


Thank you for your reply on this topic. It’s brilliant to hear that cleanliness is close to your hosting heart!😊
I took the liberty to translate your comment into English, as you somehow arrived in the English speaking Community Center. Come over to us (German speakers)! 😁

Cleaning is also a hot topic over there. Here’s a link that’ll bring you directly to the landing page of the German speaking CC.


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