Sizes of beds

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Sizes of beds



Airbnb has lately introduced the possibility to specify the type of beds for each room:

- King

- Queen

- Double

- Single

... etc...


Especially for the first three types of beds, some guests might be extremely picky in terms of definition ("Oh!!! But you said it was a Queen bed! This is a Double bed!"). The definition are very generic and also vary much according to each country.


It would be nice to have an Airbnb official size guide both for Guests and for Hosts for every type of beds, or rather showing the sizes next to each type of bed.


What do you think?

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Kuala Lumpur, MY

Totally agree. A king bed in Asia is not a king bed in the U.S. for example. So if would be nice if airbnb had specifications what qualifies for a king, queen, double, single bed etc. That would definitely help avoiding any misunderstandings.

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Baden, Switzerland

I agree! We had 2 different Airbnbs this year in Philippines, both had stated "Queen Sized Bed": On the first one we weren't disappointed because it's indeed big and comfortable for 2 people. The latter was unfortunately smaller than the previous bed. The bed frame was big but the matress was small. We cannot move comfortably in the bed. We stayed on both Airbnbs 1 month each. I think it is really one of the considerations to look at, specially if the travellers are opt to stay longer and willing to pay more for the comfort advertized. 

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Bergen, Norway

I add the bed measurements in the photo captation for each bedroom. You can also repeat in "other things to note" and "guests must also acknowledge".

Hi there guys I'm new to AirBnB and note in Australia I have listed our bed as a Queen and it comes up as a King on my listing? Does any one know then if I list it as a Double(next size down) will it come up as a Queen on the listing?


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Baltimore, MD

It is supremely annoying that "Full" is not a size option to list. Guests think I'm being misleading in my listing. I state in the listing it's not a queen but AirBnB does not have a "full" option. It's bigger than a double...

I have a question that might be a different topic but thought I would ask here. What types of beds work best in an Airbnb? I already have a king in one room and have another bedroom that I need to fill. Would It work better to put a bunkbed and a full or two twins that can we push together to make a queen?  We have a 2 bedroom cottage and will also have a fold out sofa.  Thanks for your help! 

@Dena38  Two twins pushed together makes a King, not a Queen. That would be a normal North American King, not a California King. You can Google bed width specs- they do vary in different parts of the world.


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Round Rock, TX

I just completed a cross country trip and stayed in 3 different homes. All of them said they had a king bed in at least one bedroom. The third listing said it had. had multiple kings in the 5-bedroom house we were sharing for our family reunion. NONE of them were kings. I own a king-sized bed and frequently stay in hotels with them. My husband and I barely fit in these Airbnb beds. How can all of these hosts dishonestly represent their bed sizes?  Is there something I’m missing here?  

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CDO, Philippines

Just ad the size in description, f.ex. *2 Single Box Spring Bed (36"x78"), so its easy to see its NOT a foam mattress, its a Single Bed in this size. 



Per Java

This is a good thread...I'm keen to know from other air bnb hosts who offer a split king bed what proportion of guests require the king bed, ie couples, vs the two twin beds, ie friends/colleagues? Any feedback appreciated. 

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New York, NY

Any hotel site will inform you about bed sizes, right after hotel location and room price. How does Airbnb ignore this. I keep giving up booking Airbnbs in favor of hotels for this reason. I am 6.3 and would not be able to comfortably sleep in a queen let alone a double bed.

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South Jakarta, Indonesia

This is a good idea. Yes, guests can Google mattress sizes in each region they’re traveling to but proactively giving the size would be generally helpful and informative to guests. This is important to guests with larger body size (such as my husband) to know! I’ve asked this before and the host simply refused to answer which is a big question mark for me, what are you trying to hide? 

I don’t think this is a  big ask and if you’re hosting, wouldn’t you want your guests to have as little surprises as possible? 

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Hyderabad, India

We have provided a bed in size of 5’ width x 6’ length which is sufficient for two people comfortably to sleep, I suppose.