Spare Basement room - games room?

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Scarborough, United Kingdom

Spare Basement room - games room?

I have a basement space that is pretty rough and ready (still concrete floor, no heating, small stairway to get to it etc) on a four bedroom airbnb near the beach in the UK. At the moment I just lock the door to enter this room as it's full of building equipment, but if I clear the space up what would you recommend putting there? It's about 4m x 4m big, there's at least one plug socket and there's also a sink - I was thinking a ping pong table or pool table maybe? Happy to hear any suggestions though.
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@Harry336 More cleaning, loss of storage and a headache on the fire risk assessment. I would leave it as it is. Does your fire risk assessment even allow it to be used for storage?

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@Harry336 assuming you're not looking to invest an arm and a leg to open up the space - I'd take a look at Facebook Marketplace to get ideas on how you can fill the space inexpensively. a games room could be a good idea because people are often trying to get rid of pool tables for cheap or free - same with workout equipment if you wanted to turn it into a little gym by adding a bench press and some mirrors or something. depending on how large the space is, you could even do both.

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Hey there @Harry336, just wanted to check in on what you decided to do in the end? Did you take onboard the advice shared by your fellow Hosts? 😊 It would be great if you could share with us what you eventually did!



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