Super host for my Tranquilstayhanoi

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Super host for my Tranquilstayhanoi

Dear Team and everyone,

I am Tim Pham, Host of Lux Tranquilstayhanoi in ** Hang Bac Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi Capital

It is so great to join the community.

I am a travel lover who has worked in tourism for over 18 years, I love to explore new destinations, meet and make friends with people worldwide, and share and show how amazing Vietnam is to you.

I have opened the Lux Tranquilstayhanoi to welcome people to stay in the heart of Hanoi's old quarter for a unique boutique luxury Vietnamese home style with great local experiences.

I have read all the information in the application and tried to set up everything to meet the standards of Airbnb to provide the best services to my guests.

Please share some good ideas or advice to welcome more guests and become the Super Host.

Thanks so much!

Best regards,

Tim Pham 

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Former Community Manager
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Hi @Tim3880!

I see you posted some time ago but wanted to leave the link to your listing here so that other Hosts might be able to find it a bit more easily>>

It looks like you've received some great reviews in your first two months of hosting as well 🎉

@Lorina14@Cheri354, and @John7474 are all experienced Hosts who might be able to offer a few words of wisdom 😊



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Hi Brenna. 

I greatly appreciate your advice and sharing with the link 

I am so excited to welcome more guests to offer them great stay with unique experiences.

Thanks so much for your sharing and advice. 
Best regards,


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Hi @Tim3880 and @Breanna!


Welcome to the community! I took a look at your listing and it’s beautiful and inviting! I love your decor and the colors in your suite!


Here are a couple of suggestions:


1) In your description of the listing you have a duplicated section of other things to note.


2) There is a big space between a paragraph in your listing.


3) You may want to decrease the number of pictures as I saw a lot of duplicates in the entire photo tour. Putting pictures of you with friends is nice but can be subjective - if I just wanted to go there with my guest I maybe would prefer not seeing these personal pictures as you want to invite people to imagine themselves there and dream up your vacation. It’s kind of like if you are selling a house you want to take out personal photos as it prevents people from seeing themselves in the home as their home. If you provide a personal experience of a tour of the area then a pic of you and former guests would be appropriate in the listing enjoying your time together.  Does that make sense?


4) Some captions under the pictures letting me know the story of the pic is nice. You do a great job explaining this in the description but if I didn’t really read the description, and went straight to pics having a caption would be helpful. 

5) You may want to consider better lighting or painting the hallway outside the door to the suite. It was such a drastic contrast of how beautiful the suite was versus the dark unfinished stairwell to the suite. I don’t know if this allowed in your situation but maybe worth doing.


It’s great you listed the distance from local attractions of interest and how long it may take to get there. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. And again welcome and best of luck with your beautiful listing! ♥️

Hi Lorina,

I greatly appreciate your advice and help.

I have edited again all in hoping to welcome more guests to offer them great stay with unique experiences.


Please help me check too . 

 Thanks so much for your sharing and advice. 
Best regards,