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Has anybody had to put a lock box on their thermostat? I just had a guest who disobeyed my guidelines and had the thermostat at 65° 24 seven for 30 days. I just got the utility bill for that Airbnb, which is normally $138 and this time it was $400, therefore, I am going to put a lock box on my thermostats and leave it set at a reasonable temperature 

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We have a Sensibo remote controller (which also doubles as a carbon monoxide alarm for anyone that's interested) and can control it remotely in an app on our phones, but we don't think we should.  They've told us how cozy it is!  (We're in New Zealand and at the start of winter).

I really like your idea of not giving them the remote control.  Why on earth didn't we think of that.  We will do it next booking!! 


We are going to have to cop the high power bill this time, but that will be the last time!


Thank you for your great tip... definitely doing that!!

Hi @Susie337 

Installing a Wifi Thermostat is your best bet; especially in areas with extreme heat or cold. Doesn't seem like this will improve with climate change affecting everyone. Some Hosts I work with allow guests to adjust the temperature within a certain range (Host can control the range in the App). They usually allow between 68deg (F) - 73deg (F) as the range. This allows the guest to adjust within that range, without having to contact the Host constantly to do it.


We use the Emerson ST55 controlled by the Sensi App on your phone. $100 on Amazon or Home Depot. Not pricy but has all the bells & whistles you need in the Sensi App. You may need an HVAC person or Electrician to install it. The Emerson ST55 doesn't need a "C wire" to work, so that's why we use it:

Emerson Sensi ST55


Those Hosts experiencing extreme heat right now should probably do as others have suggested and put a note in your Check-In Message about the thermostat and temps. With temps well over 100deg F, no way the temp can be cooled down to 65deg with most systems (especially in larger homes). Most heat pump and ductless systems can only reduce/increase temps by 20deg from outside temps (as others have pointed out). I probably would also put a small sign next to the thermostat to this effect as well. If you don't put a sign on the wall next to thermostat, you will get constanct complaints that the "AC isn't working."


Be sure not to set the temp too high when guests are not in the unit, as it can take a long time to cool down. In addition, with temps set high in the unit when no guests are there, the frig compressor has to work very hard to keep the temps cold inside. This will wear out your frig compressor much sooner. Most Hosts I work with set the temp at 73-75deg cooling when no guests are there. Then the morning of guest check-in they set the temp to 71-72deg.  


 I would try into a Nest style thermostat that wouid be easily control by your phone.

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@Susie337 I just got an ecobee installed with door/window sensors and smart sensors in all the rooms. So far, so good. I like that it shuts the system off if a door/window stays open for 5 minutes and when it senses nobody in the house, it goes into standby mode. It's only been a week or so with the system, but these are initial impressions. There is a $5/month subscription to make the sensors work, but it's the easiest solution I've found so far. btw, we set our temp range to 68-73 and lock that in.

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