What can we add to make a relaxing, stress-free experience?

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Hay Valley, Australia

What can we add to make a relaxing, stress-free experience?

After listening to the internal video from Brian Chesky about the Winter updates, and at the end he talked about the future of abb, and that people are booking airbnbs to "live like a local" and to get out of their own homes and have experiences in interesting places. This resonated with me because lately I've had SO many guests who are coming up to our farm in the Adl Hills for 2 or 3 nights "just to get out of the city and de-stress". I'm going to lean-in to this philosophy even deeper and think about what other 'de-stress' options I can offer.


Right now, i've got my own major life stresses going on, which includes packing up a house and moving across the country with teens and pets (and that part is actually the lesser of my stresses rn). The idea of going to the country and doing nothing is SO appealing to me too, haha, it's my reward at the end of this drama. But my brain isn't working very well right now (it's a fact when you are stressed in life about things your intelligence drops, or is at least hindered while your brain is freaking out) and i'm hitting a blank wall with any creativity. 


So my fellow host brains-trust, who has some good ideas for things that are de-stress things I could offer guests?


Here's something we currently offer, but only for a limited time, maybe only one more month as he's nearly 3 months old now..... free calf feeding of our orphaned angus steer, named Midnight. Guests have really enjoyed this one! 

midnight WEB.JPG

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Hi @Gillian166


He’s adorable!! 
Not sure I can top that 😊 but what about a picnic site somewhere on your property,  a bit more glam than sitting on a blanket, maybe a table set up in a pretty “hidden” spot.  Provide a picnic basket of snacks and wine ( the important stuff) and send them on their way with a little mud map. I guess with multiple guests you’d have to book it in though.  

@Patti-And-Marty0  yes this is a great idea. there's a winery that does exactly this! you pay for the picnic to a Secret Spot and then you drive across the property to find it. we currently have cattle everywhere which sort of hinders the possibility of that (cattle is bring in income too), but I love the idea of building a platform somewhere that could be a secret nook (something else to clean and de-spider!! will have to consider that)

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For outdoors - unless you take them in guided tours & do activities together; there's not much you can do. Great place, nature, guest can feed Midnight or wander around by themselves - you have provided this all.


Indoors - you might think of games (cards, chess, domino etc) and books; will helps to bring together or stay apart - during their their stay. G.luck

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@Bes175  we do have over 50 board games! I provide a list in our guest manual but i mention it in the pre-arrival info and many request games before they arrive. 


I was thinking about leaving ingredients for something simple like scones. An old-fashioned comfort food that's easy to make, and the simple art of baking also gets you in the mood for "relaxing country life".

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If you know a local massage therapist or yoga teacher who would travel to your farm, you might offer to schedule private sessions for them. Providing a few bikes for people who want to explore the  back roads might be nice.


I have a friend nearby who has a shelter adjacent to her alpaca barn. She keeps lawn chairs in there and allows guests to commune with the alpacas. As a farmer, I don't go near other people's livestock without permission, and I imagine it's even more intimidating for people who aren't farmers. You might be able to make a little brochure that gives them tips on how to properly approach and watch your livestock, tell them how to gather eggs, how close to an enclosure they can stand, or asks them to see how many barn cats they can find.

Farm Diva

@Sheila646   also lovely ideas. We do have cattle across the property, but you are correct, it's dangerous to let non-country people interact with farm animals. The heifers are lovely, so are the steer, but they weigh 1T.... the cows are new mums so can be weird with a calf at foot, and we just had a bull delivered....  the calf interaction has been so lovely. We lost all our chickens to foxes so I need to replenish them. 


a travelling masseuse is nice idea, i'l look into it, thanks !

or, perhaps I can a local spa to offer my guests a discount. 

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Well , if you ask me I just need a comfy deck chair in the shadow with a view of your garden or animals or vegetables (just not of your neighbors) , wifi, coffee and an ashtray and I will be 100% stress-free. You and Midnight and all of your farm animals are welcome to join me anytime 🙂 😄

@Branka-and-Silvia0  apart from the ashtray thing.... this is a a lovely idea.  a few garden nooks where you can sit and enjoy the quiet. 👍🏼. wifi is a challenge though, our buildings sit on about 10acres, and we don't get fibre internet here. Getting off the screens is supposed to be the de-stress!


the only neighbours we can see is like this (there is a lovely old home amongst the trees to the right of the further dam): 



love it. 

thank you. 

thanks! before our every vacation with the family ends with a conflict and now we have found a solution and if someone has increased anxiety, he takes a test **[Content removed - Community Center Guidelines]  to find out about it and start solving the problem

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You mention "What can we add to make a relaxing, stress-free experience?"


It is remarkable a hostess is thinking about this. Airbnb should be very proud having hosts like this on their platform !

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Lovely to hear your story and your guests are so lucky to have such a thoughtful host who is aiming to help them de stress.  


I think there nothing like a good high backed comfortable chair with a foot stool to sit on and enjoy a cup of tea and taking in your beautiful views.   - Or possibly falling asleap in a comfortable chair while trying to read.


You also mention not wanting to let guest roam about on the land. Perhaps can you give them a map with a road to or paths they can walk down  there is nothing like walking with no buildings around - even if it is on a quiet road. 


Good luck with your move and next chapter! 


@Felicity11  i had a friend suggest we do a "history trail" on the farm, and put plaques on buildings with the dates and original use, which is a lovely idea.... if only I knew those things! 


I'm loving the idea of a walking trail to a secluded spot to sit.