Would adding a kitchenette be worthwhile? It would not be very easy/cheap for us to do.

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Kennebunk, ME

Would adding a kitchenette be worthwhile? It would not be very easy/cheap for us to do.

We have an independedent guest suite with a private entrance attached to our house in Kennebunk ME. It has a small fridge and a microwave and a toaster if requested. We could, at some expense, add a kitchenette with two element cooktop, sink, and limited counter top plus the fridge, microwave and toaster without affecting the main space. Would it be worth doing? Opinions please! 

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England, United Kingdom

@Virginia594 It depends on your market but I would say that, as a minimum, you need to supply a fridge, sink, toaster, and plates/bowls etc. That way people can make drinks and have breakfast cereals/toast. A single element plug in induction hob is another consideration that would not be overly expensive to go with the microwave.

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Sierra Vista, AZ

I stayed in a room that had a bakers rack with mini frig, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, hot water kettle, the only sink was in the bathroom, this worked fine for my 2 night stay. 

Thank you Dawn.That is what we have now.

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I looked at your reviews and the lengths of stay is usually just one night or a few nights, so I don't think building out a mini-kitchen would be worth the investment.  How many of your guests have inquired/requested additional kitchen amenities?

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@Virginia594 I think other than a sink, everything else can be added very easily. You can get a portable kitchen island at IKEA or Wayfair, hotplate, mini fridge,  a handful of very basic cookware items and a microwave. I think it should be permanently there. You should be able to do this under $200. As long as you have clear pictures and description, no one will expect more. I personally think kitchen/kitchenette is a huge part of what attracts people to Airbnb so I would say it is worth it. If the bathroom is very close, there is no need for the sink installation, you just need to make a desicion on where and how dishes are washed so food waist is not being dumped in your sink. 


Having said that, you have amazing reviews already so maybe don't fix it if it aint broken?