location tips

location tips

I'm renovating an apartment that I'm splitting into 2 and I'll publish them in August.

I found the condominiums very, very boring even with the renovation work. For this reason I'm now undecided about how to split the apartments.

A larger one for 6 people and a smaller one to accommodate as many people as possible or two smaller ones to accommodate fewer people but with a higher quality of location and a higher price per night.


Thank you so much !

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Bristol, United Kingdom

What does your market research show is the best configuration for guests you have identified as your target market @Tia10545 


thank you

according to my research there are fewer 3 bedroom apartments and those that do have higher occupancy . In this case I have 1 apartment with 3 bedroom and 1 with 1 bedroom instead 2 apartments with 2 bedrooms for each 

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