Airbnb’s nondiscrimination policy and the Community Center

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Airbnb’s nondiscrimination policy and the Community Center

Airbnb fosters connection and belonging by embracing inclusion and respect regardless of a person's background or identity. As members of the Airbnb community, these are values that we all have a responsibility to uphold and protect. 


To foster a space where inclusion and respect are at the heart of our community, Airbnb has a nondiscrimination policy (NDP) that all users agree to abide by when they join the Airbnb platform. You can review a summary of that policy here.


It is important that each member of our Community understand this policy. It's foundational to Airbnb and the  Community Center. We count on our members  to help us ensure  that the Community Center always remains a welcoming community for all. 


Behavior in the Community Center violating Airbnb’s NDP can impact your status as a Host or guest and may lead to the removal of your account and listings from the Airbnb platform.


Please bear in mind that Airbnb policies and community standards extend to the entire Airbnb platform including the Community Center –  as do our Terms of Service,  which include our Privacy and Content Policies


In the event that you come across  a comment that you believe violates the NDP, our community standards,  or any other policy included in our Community Guidelines, please use the ‘report inappropriate content’ button.


Airbnb built this space for Hosts to inspire one another and engage in constructive dialogue. We welcome all your ideas, feedback, suggestions and participation, but we should all do our part so that each interaction occurs with respect and without discrimination or bias. 


Thank you for your collaboration and support towards keeping the Community Center a welcoming place. 

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