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Get involved with on World Refugee Day

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June 20 is World Refugee Day, which honors the strength and resilience of people who’ve left their homes to escape conflict or persecution. It’s also a timely reminder that displaced individuals and families need support to resettle in another country., a nonprofit that operates independently of Airbnb, is proud to be part of ongoing relief efforts worldwide. Donations help provide emergency housing to refugees like Zyad, Souzan, and their four children, who fled the civil war in Syria. They’re now rebuilding their lives with the help of their new community in the US.


Thanks to the generosity of donors and hosts, has connected over 210,000 refugees and asylum seekers to more than 1.4 million nights of free, temporary stays since 2020.

The work of finding people a place to stay when they need it most is far from over. Learn how you can get involved at

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