Hosts helped direct nearly $8M USD to nonprofits in 2023

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Hosts helped direct nearly $8M USD to nonprofits in 2023

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Hosts are making an impact in communities around the world through the Airbnb Community Fund. You nominated many of the 2023 grant recipients announced Tuesday.

The Airbnb Community Fund granted a total of $10 million USD to more than 120 nonprofits in 44 countries on six continents. Nearly $8 million USD was directed in partnership with Hosts.


Host Club and Host Advisory Board members identified national, regional, and local organizations. This year’s grant recipients support issues important to Host communities, including environmental sustainability, economic empowerment, ending abuse and exploitation, mental health, and safe housing.


Nominations for 2024 will open later this year. Join your local Host Club for the chance to help nominate a nonprofit that’s making a difference in your community. 


Did you support one of this year’s grant recipients? Let us know what they do that inspires you in the comments.

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