Air BnB system glitch or bug affecting bookings

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Port Melbourne, Australia

Air BnB system glitch or bug affecting bookings

Hello air BnB hosts, 

I have been going back and forth for, 1 week almost, with airBnB ambassadors trying to understand why all the bookings Ive received in June July and August this year, for my upcoming guests, have not had the additional guest fee applied. I have 2 or more additional guests arriving but been charged for 1 only!! Also, the cancelation options are set as flexible on air BnBs end however I have it set on strict to non negotiable which means guests are canceling last minute and I’ve been out of pocket because I’ve requested they edit their booking as an air BnB ambassador suggested I do but my guests then canceled. Two air BnB ambassadors said it appears as a bug or error in their system and they have suggested they’d help me with it, including getting compensation, instead they have disappeared. I keep getting new ambassadors “trying to help with the problem” and I keep “elaborating” but now it’s taking its toll on me. And as I mentioned , to top it off, my guests are canceling their bookings with no last minute cancellation fees. Has anyone had this problem and was there any satisfactory resolution?


also, air BnB contacted my guests saying that I need to cancel the booking from my end which I don’t want to do bc it will affect my superhisg status which I’ve worked extremely hard to gain. I am concerned about air bnbs lack of support now that there is a problem.
. Thanks in advance. Kindest regards, Christiana 

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I have had a similar experience, where I reported to Airbnb support that the improper amount of sales taxes was charged for a few bookings.  Airbnb kept ignoring the issue but I persisted and finally, after a few communications, a support representative admitted there was a system glitch that needed to be fixed by the engineering team.  Many months have passed and the fix was never made.  I have called a few times over this period of time and have asked that the issue be escalated to a higher level.  I am promised it would be, but no one from Airbnb ever follows-up.  There is a total failure by Airbnb to communicate with me (a Super Host) its action plan for solving the bug that results in collection of only 7% in taxes when it should be 13%.  I keep getting lip service....all talk and no action.  They apologize to me and each rep I speak with promises to be the one who finally will honor my request to have the case be transferred to a special unit.  Instead of hearing from a special unit or manager, i get crickets.  Also, I am confident Airbnb has made an adjustment to block or hide my listing to penalize me for my requests to re-open and escalate this case.  My listing has virtually no views since I sent an email about this matter to Airbnb support a couple months ago and another one yesterday to inquire as to why the fix has not yet been deployed.  I have been only courteous and patient with Airbnb.  Nonetheless, I haven't gotten a new booking for several weeks due to my listing being hidden.  I asked a few friends to search for it and they could not find it using typical key words.  This means Airbnb is attempting to harm me.  They have all the power to do so, but this must be illegal.  I suppose I could take legal action against Airbnb, but it would be difficult to prove.  They'd simply blame their algorithm somehow.   Let me know if you ever got Airbnb to solve your problem, and how long it took and if you have any advice.  Thanks.

I am currently going through it with AirBnb, and they haven't been very helpful either. I was booked up around 85% during the first of January through mid-April, then nothing. I know there can be slow times, but we are in the busy season now. I'm a Guest Favorite, and I'm showing at the top of page one per my search and AirBnb's search. My views have skyrocketed due to being fully unbooked. After 3 weeks of this and speaking to multiple Airbnb support people, I was able to get one rep to confirm that 7 people have tried booking my property over the last 3 weeks, but they all received an error message during checkout!!! Yet, nothing still has been done. I've heard pausing your listing can work to fix the bug so I'm trying that for 24 hours and will see if that helps.