Airbnb newbie - please critique my listing

Airbnb newbie - please critique my listing

Hi everyone - This is an incredible Community space I am only just discovering and now wondering if I could leverage some of your expertise to help get us on our way a bit more...

We  are fairly new to the whole Airbnb thing... My husband and I have brought a dilapidated old seaside cottage dating back to early 1800s back to life after lying empty for over 10 years. It has been a real labour of love and we are slowly but surely getting there. 

We now need to try and make a bit of money back as our outgoings for the work went a bit over budget. 

I'd really like some help with helping to drive traffic and generate guests particularly for June/July/September. 

Welcome all your feedback and thoughts - thank you so much in advance! 

Sarah from The Portpatrick Pad

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England, United Kingdom

@Sarah4971 Two thoughts

10 guests in 3 bedrooms feels very tight. If you are pricing similar to more comfortable 10 guest places you may have issues.

Showing the outside is fine but the combination of a thief being able to see where you are and when the property is empty is not entirely clever.

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