Critique my listing - Alessio in Trentino, Italy

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Isernia, Italy

Critique my listing - Alessio in Trentino, Italy


I would like to hear your tips about my 2 listings I have on Airbnb.


My major concern are for the photos. Horrible. ( they’re old and now I add a one meter wooden covering on the walls.
I am waiting for the Airbnb photographer but he doesn’t reply to my request.

have you got other tips on the descriptions, Items I should replace?

I will share here my links ( I think is possible, let me know if I am violating some rules).

Thank you so much for your time.


 View on AirbnbRental unit in Passo del Tonale · ★4.80 · 1 bedroom · 2 beds · 1 bathroom

 View on AirbnbRental unit in Passo del Tonale · ★5.0 · 1 bedroom · 2 beds · 1 bathroom


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Melbourne, Australia

Hi @Alessio443,


Your place looks neat.. I would put some greens.. nice plants.. some nice prints/photos to make it more homely... nice curtains.. show some fluffy towels... 🙂

Thank you so much @Suz1813 for your time. I will add everything you said.

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Hello @Alessio443 and welcome to our community,


Have you considered adding some plants as suggested by @Suz1813?


I am reaching out to some fellow Hosts to see if they would like to share their feedback on your listing. @Alex1485@Julie5882@Guy991@John7474@Jason2389 and @Matthew1964 


All the best,



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No never,  I will add.
do you suggest fake plants or real ?

@Alessio443 @Paula 


As for plants.. ideally real, but you. have care for them as dead plants are no fun.. 


Try to find indoor plants that don't need much light or care..



@Alessio443 @Paula 


Ciao Alessio! 


I really like your listings!


Yes, I agree with you about your photography.  It's not so much the photos, but the lighting.  Maybe try turning on lights in all the rooms to brighten them up. 


I also agree with others a few throw pillows on the couches and things on the wall will help. 


Again, you have really nice places!





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Hello @Alessio443 !


What fantastic rental units! The location is amazing. 

I agree that there needs to be more “character” in your units. Plants and wall art are great suggestions. Books in the bedroom shelves. Maybe new/more pillows on the beds/couch. Bring some color in!


New pictures will certainly make a difference. Have you asked a local “real estate photographer?” They could probably help. 

Best of luck!


Julie S. Jenkins

Wow thank you so much @Julie5882 for your time and precious tips.I really appreciate it

I will follow them and let you know.

Yes the location is amazing in the heart of the mountains in one of the 7 most famous ski resorts in Italy and in the summer there are beautiful trekkings. 


No there isn’t a professional photographer available.

If some Italian photographer out there see this mex in Trento or other places you can text me 

Here are a few thoughts..


I do not mind the apartments look sparse,  feels European or Dutch minimalist…


Who is your customer? .


Are you the  lowest priced lodging  in your area? If yes,  then, do not spend any more $, simply retake photos, edit out furniture when you retake, iron bedding…etc ( do not need a pro for this). 


~… property showcases a  white chair jammed between wall and bed, another shows folding chairs next to pillows.  These pix particularly do not showcase comfort..


If you want to up your nightly rate, you need to spend a bit more, as despite the amazing location, it is not coming across as expensive… Updating a few keys pieces of furniture: TV set, oversized table in listing 1, and add decor.


When you select decor items, pick 1 theme…ski, Italy, chalet,  minimalism, shabby chic, granny chic, small apartments particularly need to look cohesive





thank you so much for your honest review @Alex1485 . Yes I added the tv in both apartments.


this are some screen from a video update so you can see the last version.


do you mean to change the table in the white apartment or in the other one?

yes I need to replace the folding chairs you’re right.



No I am not the lowest priced in my town.


ok thank you so much yes I am ready to spend 

 you have two great places in a magical environment~


if you have some $$; some of the other hosts recommended great ideas for decor…do no forget to pick a theme…Ski, wilderness, Italy, etc…? :)!  


Fabulous! You updated/ added TV’s!!!!  don’t forget to cover the cords.


If you have the budget, white bedding makes the place look more expensive, .more of a hotel vibe, vs colors……. . Plus stains are easier to remove.


Does your place offer a common jacuzzi on the property?  A wall plug in fireplace?  


apartment #1…rein deer pillows…apt #2, white one


Apt #1,~



based upon your pix, , the table looks HUGE and seems to be 10” from the couch, where a coffee table would go..  Instead of 4 person lg table, can you fit a cute 30” 2 person hi top in front of the window? Or in the corner? And a coffee table.. Or can you put in a narrow center island and stools


folding chairs

do not want to see them in the pix, lined up on the wall next to the bed, where coupe #2 is sleeping…makes the room look smaller. 


Wanted to mention, you did a spectacular job taking the photos of out the window ,for  #2, can you add a few more like that for apt #1?


Apt 2..


is there a pix of the couch made into a bed? I do not recall where couple 2 was sleeping..


ciao bello..Grazie mille for lovely photos of skiing!

Thank you so much for your advices.


The table is not huge, the photo maybe let think this.
the idea of the island is so great I didn’t think about, maybe I can fit one little for 2 people.

I have to replace the photo with the folding chair next to the wall you’re right.



Yes I haven’t  a photo where to show the sofa be open I have to update and a proper photo of the bathroom of the white apartment.


How can I cover the cords?


No I haven’t jacuzzi or fireplace in common spaces unfortunately.