Critique my listing

Critique my listing



I am a bit concerned about my house that I have put up for rental. It seems to me that I don´t get any clicks. I have had my house up for rental many times before and I never experienced any problems in receiving bookings. Any advice what I am doing wrong. 


🏡 View on AirbnbHome in Sigtuna · ★4.80 · 3 bedrooms · 4 beds · 2 bathrooms


Many thanks in advance


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@Anne-Mo2  Before we go into the details, I must share that the pictures aren't showcasing the property well. They appear dark, narrow, and some are blurry
What's needed are wider, brighter, and sharper images.
Here are some suggestions to start with:
Consider finding someone with a phone featuring a wide-angle lens, such as the new iPhone, to capture wider shots of the space if you're hesitant to invest in professional photography.
Wait for a sunny day for better lighting, as the current images appear too dark.
When taking the pictures, ensure all light fixtures are turned on to let the furniture and space shine (I also suggest doing this before a guest arrives).

@Anne-Mo2 I just took a quick look.   I think it's always about the pictures, first.   Ask yourself for each photo, "does this show something I haven't shown already?" .   You have some that are duplicate, i feel.  Inside photos could be brighter.

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@Anne-Mo2  As the others have said, it's definitely the pictures. They aren't doing you any favors. 


You should take much better pictures with more light, and also rearrange them a bit. Right now there are many of the outside-too many- all up first. There also are not enough of the interior of the house to really show what it looks like. 

You should show all of the bedrooms and both bathrooms clearly. 

Use the captions to explain to guests what they are seeing and how the house is laid out. 

Where the bedrooms and bathrooms are in relation to each other. 


You've also barely described in WORDS what the house is all about. Use the written description to tell guests about your house and the local area. 


It looks like a lovely place and I'm sure you'll get some reservations when it warms up. Good luck!

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I would hire a professional photographer for pictures and ask ChatGPT to write you a description if you're having trouble with that!   Good luck

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@Anne-Mo2 Immediately your first images look very cold and uninviting. The colors of the house and the sky look like a place I don't want to be. I would focus on COLOR, better lighting, and overall better photo quality.  Right now your overall color palette looks sort of void of bright colors and personality. 

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Hello @Anne-Mo2, there is some great advice for our Hosts here 🙂


Are you planning to get some pictures taken by a professional photographer? If you find it useful, >>here<< is an article on how to hire one.


Keep us posted; we would love to see what changes you are planning to implement.



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You won't be getting booking while you've blocked out your calendar @Anne-Mo2 


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Hey Hey! I dont have much more to add other than LIGHTING LIGHTING LIGHTING! It makes all the difference in people feeling "welcome"! I have listen to many podcasts that even state to add more light fixtures/lamps to the house, and make sure when you take the photos you have them ON to appear inviting! 🙂