Custom promotions and wrong reservation amounts

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Custom promotions and wrong reservation amounts

1) I set a custom promotion

2) I define the % discount amount and the respective promoted price is calculated

3) The promoted price is calculated by applying the % discount on the 60 day median price 


Lately I received 3 reservations under a "custom promotion" in which the guests paid a lower nightly price than the one I had set in the respective promotion.
I contacted customer support and they repeatedly ignored the "promoted price" which was higher than the nightly price paid by the guest. Instead they kept on mentioning the base price in the calendar (which happened to be lower than my 60 day median price). However, Airbnb clearly mentions that in order to calculate the promoted price they take the 60 day median and not the currently set price. So the customer support seems to be untrained on the "custom promotion" feature

So right now I have:
1) Lower earnings
2) A "bug" in the system which makes me uncomfortable to set again custom promotions
3) A customer support that not only seems to be untrained on this specific feature, but also they are borderline impolite by ignoring my specific questions and answering things that seem to be irrelevant to my issue

ps: I would happily add images for proof but the system does not allow me to do so

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I am having the same issue on my listing. Whenever I try to put a promotion, it sets a base price to a much lower number which was not a median price at all. Were you able to find a solution on this?




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I have the same issue. Disturbing that airbnb hasn’t been able or willing to answer this question in over 3 years!!!???

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Same issue happening here.  My base price is $45. But, under promotion it shows $31, so 25% of $31 isn't what I wanna do. I want to do 25% of $45... but, I can't change the base price under custom promotions.

Hello Mel! Did you have a solution for this one? I'm also having a trouble with this issue.

Hi @Evangelos8 

I agree with you that Custom Promotions are a bit of a mystery. Some information is available to Hosts and some only Airbnb knows. Be sure you do not have any early bird, last minute, or other discounts set for the dates in question, as I believe those discounts are "stacked" on top of your promotion discount (not sure on that). Also, make sure you don't have any active Rule Sets over the dates in question that could also discount your price further. Airbnb does restrict some dates from promotions (haven't figured out the logic on this) and you won't know if they are available or not until you try to add a promotion. Here is an article on how they calculate pricing for Custom Promotions:


Custom Promotions