Earnings feature is GONE

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Earnings feature is GONE

Today 6/25/2020.

The earnings feature is GONE. It's not there under performance where it was or under opportunities as suggested by otherd or anywhere.  How are we supposed to keep track of our monthly income?  Totally unacceptable. 

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HI @Patrick303 



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It's there- but one thing I noticed is that this feature usually has small tech bugs and reports the earnings incorrectly from time to time. To combat this, we use google sheets as to monitor stays, duration, nightly rate etc- this also comes to be helpful when comparing it to expenses (which we also record) and taxes. 

Just an idea. 

No, it’s not there. It used to appear under performance, with a handy bar chart showing the current, future and past months, with summarized projected earnings. The bar chart is still visible from a computer. But the earnings tab is GONE from a smartphone. This makes no sense. How are we supposed to manage our business if we can’t see what money is coming in? I’m not asking for anything new here. This is an existing feature that formerly worked on a smartphone. The tab is now gone. It was one of the most useful and important smartphone tools on the Airbnb app. It is absurd to remove such an important resource. 

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Agree, Airbnb when will you reinstate this feature?

I totally agree!

The feature was one one of the most used ones by most of us, and it is frustrating to see it gone. While there are a bunch  of confusing features added in the new version that are not useful at all (such as booking lead time, etc.), But they cut the most useful to the hosts? 

One question though David, was your message written in 2020?  Because I am talking about the new app versions on 2023. 

Hopefully Airbnb listens to these And adds the feature.


I just noticed on 10/19/13

that the bat chart is gone from my iPhone app too. I’m sure it was there last week. I used to check it often. I tried switching to hosting tools but there is no bar chart there either. I keep my own spreadsheet but still loved that feature. 

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Yes the updated app for some reason has removed one of the most important pages and replaced it with some garbage stats

has anyone spoken to Airbnb about this? I have not 

I have been on with support a few times in the past week. It's been elevated, bit I've seen nor heard anything at this point except to use the CVS report, which is confusing.

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It is frustrating that I can’t see my monthly earnings and have to go to desktop to see something that it was available on the app.


Please admins fix this or include it it this new version!!  It is frustrating and you have had many months ro get this fixed.

Please someone respond to this issue. 

This is definitely crazy.  Not sure who would have made this decision. 

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You can access via settings, but really needs to go back to insights so all in one place!


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It is completely insane to me that this company has kept this feature off of the smart phone for probably at least two years now. They just re-introduced it a few days ago and then pulled it again without any sort of notification.  🙄  Maybe if they spent a little less money on marketing and more on the key features that the hosts that keep the company alive need, those hosts wouldn’t be tempted to flock to other platforms or to rent their places longer term.  I’m always attempting to forgive this now multibillion dollar company company its multiple inexplicable lapses of basic common sense, but this is getting ridiculous. They have known about this issue for years.  Just put someone on your tech team on this for a few hours and get it resolved. This is not brain surgery here.  We have to wait two years for this crap?

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Well the platform must differ in the way it is displayed around the world!

From my phone app in Australia the earnings bar graph has always been available under, 'Insights'> 'stats' > monthly earnings.

What I have found is, it has just recently been upgraded and now has a wealth of information.

It still displays the last 2 years in months, you can scroll back to January 2022 and it still shows upcoming reservations through to December 2024, or as far ahead as you have confirmed bookings.

But the feature that does impress me, if you highlight and tap any particular month then scroll down, the screen will reveal a full breakdown of that months activities, income for the month,  number of bookings,  number of nights booked,  number of vacant nights,  occupancy rate,  cleaning fees.........

Screenshot_2023 earnings.jpg

It is better now than it has ever been, and I do give Airbnb kudos for this improvement.

It's not often Airbnb actually improves the system operation but, they have certainly achieved it with this phone app. It is now way ahead of the desktop version as far as functionality is concerned.



Are you talking about the Iphone app, though, Rob?  Here in the states anyway they introduced something to that effect last week and then immediately pulled it off again.  Sigh…  We have been waiting for this for two years. They used to have something like this and then they removed it. It shouldn’t take two years to reimplement some thing they already had before.  What they replaced it with at the time was a bunch of host marketing tools that most of us who know what we’re doing don’t really need. Most of us just want to be able to track our earnings.  As I say, the Iphone app does not currently allow us to do that.  If you’re referring to thr iPhone app, I would go back on there and ensure that it’s still working. Because, as I say, it isn’t here in the US.  They removed it again.

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That's what I can't understand Spencer, here in Australia we have had this 'Insights' earning category ever since they did an app upgrade in 2020. There is not a week that has gone by since then that I haven't used it or seen it. Now,  I am using the Android app but, I just queried it with a fellow user who is using the Apple store app and their experience has been the same as mine.

I don't think this is a beta test so I can't offer any explanation as to why we are getting it and yet you can't access it through your cellular service in the US.


Spencer I have been very critical of Airbnb's constant program up (down) grades over the last 3-4 years, nearly all of which has resulted in a dumbed down user system for us hosts, but this has been a win for us hosts.

Possibly there is some regulation they have to work around in the US which does not affect us here on this side of the world.


Possibly worth taking up with support to get an answer.


Sorry for the delay in responding to you, tied up with new guests arriving.