First Payout Delay

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First Payout Delay



I'm new to Airbnb and first time hosting on it. I got my first guest check in which was great and now I am waiting for my payout. Since I am using Payoneer as my Payout method, it should be released within 24 hours. It has been 3 days and I still haven't received my payout.


I've talked to at least 4 customer service employees about it. Everyone of them says entirely different reason for it which is pretty weird. My KYC is complete and my Payoneer account is active so everything should be okay.


I think its worth mentioning that I am the Co-Host and I receive 100% of the payouts.


Does anyone have any idea what is this about? Is this normal for the first payout?


Thank you Ayman



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Hi Ayman. No, this doesn’t seem normal. I am also a fairly new host and have had five or six bookings completed already. Each time we received our payout approximately 24 hours after the guest check in with weekends be the exception. I’m not familiar with Payoneer, but was your payout account verified? What about your tax information? I’d keep pushing customer service to get resolution.

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Hello @Ayman97, welcome to our community and to Airbnb! 😊 I wish you all the best on this exciting new journey.


Have you already received your first payment? I am leaving here an article that can provide some insights about when you’ll get your payout


I hope this helps!😊



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@Ayman97  You are incorrect. For new hosts, it can be up to 30 days for the first payout. It generally doesn't take that long, but if this was your first guest, you do NOT get immediate payment. Look it up in the help center.