How do I set a 'flexible' weekend minimum stay?

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How do I set a 'flexible' weekend minimum stay?

Hi wonderful hosts,

I have tried to figure this out, but am not finding a solution. I want to institute a 2-night minimum for weekends, BUT I want it to be flexible so the 2 nights can be either Friday-Sat OR Sat-Sun. Anyone know how this might be possible?




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Select listing/Pricing and Availability/Trip Length/Minimum Stay/Customize minimum stay requirements by day of week.


From there, you can put a “2” under Friday and Saturday.

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Hi @Donna51 

You can set minimum stay for day by the week in Airbnb App.


Airbnb App> Calendar > Trip Length > customize by day of week > Setting up minimum stay for days of the week > Click Save 


Calendar > Trip Length >Calendar > Trip Length >Set and SaveSet and SaveCustomize by day of the week >Customize by day of the week >