How to change auto generated title on listing?

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Kamloops, Canada

How to change auto generated title on listing?

Hi there, I am a host and am unsatisfied with the auto generated title that appears above the title I have created on my listing. I have messaged Airbnb many times about this and they seem to have no clue what title I am referring to or have said there is nothing that they can do to help. This is the opening line on my listing that travelers see in bold and I am not happy with what it says. Does anyone know how I can get this changed??? I live in a small community and am trying to get the title changed to state the greater area rather than my very small community to help with insights.....can anyone help me to get this resolved?? I feel that this opening title should be something hosts can edit themselves. 

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McHenry, IL

I had to check my listing & only have one title 🤷‍♀️ Seems odd that AirBnB would give you a title on their own. 
Are you using a phone app? I get much better results going to a desktop/laptop computer to bypass glitches on my phone. 
Just a thought. 

I use both computer and iPhone. It’s an auto generated title that appears in bold directly above the title the host creates. Often stating the location like “cabin in Kamloops” or something like that. It is the first line visible to travellers searching. So to view it you need to search your listing as a traveller. It does not appear in the host account. It is visible to travellers as a snap shot of what the property is but you are stuck with whatever Airbnb generates. And I am not happy with the auto generated line so I am trying to get to the bottom of what I can do but no one seems to be able to help with it. It is quite frustrating 😞 

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England, United Kingdom

I've got the same question. See the screenshot for an example of the title I want to change belowScreenshot 2024-05-15 at 19.42.09.png

@Elyse83  and @Ruslan70 ,

I found and see exactly what you are saying.  Yes, I do not like the auto generated title they gave me now that I looked though I am clueless on how to change it as it appears we are unable to. I spent a lot of time trying to figure it out as well. Mine says generically Apartment in McHenry. 

With that in mind my other grievance when I incognito search for AirBnB for apartments/house only in my town the first things that pop up are towns 45 minutes away from me, they are  in my county yes, but not my town. Possibly A.I. is unable to distinguish towns from counties (which mine have the same name, McHenry with in the county of McHenry) but to have the first 5 listings shown that are all towns over 1/2 plus hours drive that is irritating to me. They should be concerned and thinking about if guests really want to drive that far if they want a specific town. And yes, they place they show have the exact amenities that I have though I should be a top above as I actually live in the town.

If someone knows a solution it would be truly appreciated.

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The issue you mention has been a source of frustration for many Hosts. I believe this came about due to changes in the search algorithm in the Summer 2023 release. 



The "improved" search algorithm results may not show all listings in the city/town that was entered by the guest first. The algorithm will display listings that are more popular with more reviews but further away, before listings in the actual town/city entered. Only Airbnb knows all the data points the algorithm uses to determine search result rank. This has caused problems for many Hosts.  




Hi @Elyse83 

Unfortunately, this sub title is automatically generated by Airbnb and is populated by your property type; you cannot change it as a Host. You can always add the larger community you mention in your main title if you wish. Something like "XX minutes from XXXXX" if you feel that is important. Don't think Airbnb plans on allowing Hosts to edit the sub title any time soon.



HI @Joan2709 .

That is the exactly what I ended up doing. I'm OK with 'Apartment in McHenry'.

Going back to my other complaint, the places they show are quite far away PLUS are in 5% or 10% bracket with not perfect scores? I am in the 1%, 75 - 5 star ratings and been open a little over 1 year. I thought the whole point was to showcase those with very good ratings first?

Possibly their algorithm goes by length on time on the platform being with AirBnB the strongest criteria. Eventually we as a group will figure out the algorithm ratings value.


By the way, I was going to reach out to you as I had my second guests from Englands and had a wonderful experience. The last group left me several gifts from London and UK. It was such a nice surprise and made my day! Proudly I hosted guest from UK, France (they left me 2 bottles of wine) and Germany. 

From France and Germany thank goodness for Google Translator.  Our conversation were effortless.

Have a great day,