How to change the listing Admin

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How to change the listing Admin

Hello, I want to change the listing admin, without disturbing the properties or bookings already in the account. What is the procedure?  Thank you.

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Same here!

Impossible to believe they not aware of this problem and yet don't do anything about it when it would be so easily done.

What is this company ?

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This is simply silly but also create a very difficult legal position. My cohost (primary) reviews travelers but her (written) review shows up under my name and are forever associated with me, without me having even read it.


Surely a property should belong to the admin, but the host involved in the booking should do (and be named in) the review?


i also don’t want my cohost to own the listing as should I ever want to change it, I will lose the listing.


AirB&B pls think through this. Properties should belong to an admin, admins should be able to move a property to another admin.


Reviews should be done in the primary host’s name.


Reviews should be split between the property and the host and attached to each. 

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Hi Everyone,


I called Airbnb and they DO NOT have the functionality to change the Listing Admin. The only way is for you to deactivate the listing and the person who you want to be the Listing admin to create an exact copy of the listing under their own profile (It will be a brand new listing with no reviews). 

The reason for this is that the reviews for each listing are saved not to the listing but to your profile and hence, there is no way for the reviews to be transferred over to another profile.



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I am ALSO in need of this.

I had my girlfriend make the listing, who does managerial for me, but it is my property.


I thought making myself the primary co-host would do it, but it still says “This is Alexa’s place,  Ryan helps host”, when the actuality of the situation is opposite.


Why can’t the Primary Host functionality replace the Listing Admin? It’d then make the listing transferable, which OBVIOUSLY (see 5 pages of this thread and counting) has plenty of necessity.


Please, Airbnb, hire tech to figure this out!?

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I am joining this conversation 3 years after the thread started, and it appears there is still no solution.  Has anyone found a solution to transferring the admin role for a listing to another person and/or the Co-Host? 

Like many on this thread, I set up the listing for my father.  I had incorrectly assumed that having my father as the Primary Host would give him the ability to accept payments, but it turns out that is not the case. Now, I am worried how this will impact my taxes and employment agreement.  

Any thoughts?

Hi Kelly, 


Thanks for joining. I'm still frustrated that we can't switch listing admin, BUT if you are primarily concerned about payouts and tax purposes, you will do alright. Your dad (or you) can receive payouts wired to whatever bank account preferred, and that bank account will be linked to proper TAXPAYER ID. I am still not the Listing Admin (so I get no reviews even though I'm primary host), but I get payouts and my own 1099. This will likely be setup by visiting PAYOUT PREFERENCES. Good luck  

Thank you @Chris489 .  This info is really helpful.  My biggest concern was the the tax implications, so I'm glad that is not an issue.  Now, if the reviews could be sorted out that would really solve all of my issues with being the Admin.  Thanks again.

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How does this work in my scenario? I am the listing admin as I made the account for the homeowner.  As his property manager, I listed as admin because he did not want his name listed on the listing.  Now in order to receive payment he has to put his payout info on my personal page?!  If we ever part ways, he loses his whole account?! That makes no sense to me and we both would like for admin to just be transferred back to him.  

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Happy to help @Kelly1159 . Yes, definitely you'll be able to set up the taxes and payouts correctly. If you have any difficulties follow up here or with AirBnB support. We've been doing that just fine. Definitely stay on top of it at year-end to make sure accounting is correct (had an issue last year where LISTING ADMIN was issued a 1099 that had all revenue even though it was a 50/50 split....accounting fixed it). I'm not optimistic that reviews will ever be transferrable unfortunately. Something to be mindful in future if you ever set up a new listing OR if your listing is new enough maybe start over with the listing admin (person who gets reviews) as desired. Sadly we have hundreds of reviews so that's not an option so my brother gets all the glory lol. Cheers 

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Wanted to raise an idea - wondering if anyone would know why/how it wouldn't work. I have read this thread and haven't seen it come up.


Why not just change all the personal information on the existing Listing Admin's account over to the person who is looking to take over as LA? Change the name, change the SSN, change the photo, change any existing taxpayer info/payout splits, etc.?


A co-host with a co-host account in this scenario would in essence be converting the existing LA's account into a duplication of the co-host account, the latter of which would then be changed/deleted itself, once the switch was made and the former co-host was properly listed as the LA.


I can imagine there must be some sort of block to changing this kind of information because it seems almost too easy? Although there must be room for legal name changes/gender identification/etc.



That could work if neither party minded losing their positive reviews they've earned in their original accounts...  Unfortunately in my case (and I suspect many), that would mean the current admin would lose all the good reviews he's earned as a guest at listings around the world, and he'd lose his status for other properties he hosts occasionally – both non-starters for him.   


It's def a creative option though for those willing.  Much less difficult would be if Airbnb added a "transfer admin" button.

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Three years later and still no option to change the listing admin.... So now must delete listing, lose all reviews and start over... 

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Same question.   Thanks for pushing this !

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Yes a have some Problem how I Change the Administration 


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I second the request for this feature. Has anyone tried shaming on social media?