How to change the listing Admin

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Panajachel, Guatemala

How to change the listing Admin

Hello, I want to change the listing admin, without disturbing the properties or bookings already in the account. What is the procedure?  Thank you.

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Chevreuse, France

I have the same problem.  I am the owner of a property that I rent.  I used a Property Manager to set up the Airbnb account and I am set up as a co-host.  Consequently all payments go to the property manager and I cannot even see the host invoices or VAT invoices.

This is most annoying further it appears that there is no means to preserve the hard earned reviews and one has to start from scratch all over again.  


I received this feedback from the Customer Experience Team.


I’m from the Customer Experience Team. Please allow me to address your concern. I can see that your property is being hosted by Charlene. Since the listing is in her account, removing Charlene from the property will mean the termination of the listing along with its reviews. What you can do is have Charlene un-list the property and establish a new listing under your name as the primary host and garner new positive reviews.

Here is a helpful link you can send Charlene regarding deactivating a listing:

Although we won't be able to get an immediate modification to the system to retain the reviews for your property on the website, I will forward this concern as a feedback to the right team. We truly value your insight regarding how to make our website and system more user friendly, after all we're both Airbnb users and if this pushes through, a lot of hosts will benefit from your inquiry along with millions of other hosts. I appreciate your patience and Thank you for remaining so positive. 



We need to see more positive response and action from Airbnb to resolve this critical flaw in the system.

Your property manager can make it to where the payment goes straight into your bank account. They or you will just need to put in your information on that account.

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Jerusalem, Israel

I fully support the need to allow a change in the Listing Admin person - without requiring a de-Listing followed by a new listing. - with the result of all the Review History being lost !


Many Guests report this concern on this blog -,Airbnb need to allow this change in their current system because it is clear many Hosts are adversely affection by this problem.


 Dear Airbnb PLEASE do something about this issue now !!

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Jerusalem, Israel

I said ‘many Guests’ have this problem - I meant (of course) many Hosts have this problem 

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Toronto, Canada

OK, so a year later, the same issue persists?


A LOT of people are having this problem as the service gets older and people's circumstances change.  I'm now fully hosting my property, but I can't become super-host or get reviews.  It's totally broken.



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Scotland, United Kingdom

I am still stuck with this problem and Air B & B are most unhelpful. it
seems that unless its on their FAQ questions then there is no support or
help. Very poor.
It seems very strange that such a popular and highly popular  business has
no provision for moving established listings to new owners.
For example a successful business could have 3 years of positive reviews
and many bookings and if its sold the new owner would have to start all over again
with a new listing?

can anyone help?


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La Selva Beach, CA

I am currently on the phone with Airbnb San Francisco main office and they are absolutely dumbfounded by this problem. The only option the technician on the phone suggested is that I cancel my account, which will in effect cancel all the reservations on the property. This is ridiculous!!! 

He said no one has brought up this issue to them, regardless of the many questions asked on here already!!! Am requesting to speak to someone up.

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England, United Kingdom

Can anyone please help with this one, I want my primary host to make reviews etc. Suspect you have to close your account then open it in co-hosts name!

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Bristol, United Kingdom

@Trudy10 you don't need to do anything. Your co-host can do guest reviews.


Have  a look at the Airbnb help section and search for co-host - terms of service to see what a co-host can do.

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Scotland, United Kingdom

did you get a solution for this, as i have the same problem



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Forestville, Australia


I am having the same problem. I created a listing, so I am the "listing admin", however I am now passing the listing over to another person. I have added them as a co-host, however I would also like them to have control as "listing admin". Does anyone know how to do this??

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Nashville, TN

I also want to know how to do this.

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Rethimno, Greece

Hi Aaron, 


Unfortunately I cannot see whether you had any replied to your inquiry, and I am having the same problem. Can you please help?


Many thanks in advance!


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Potchefstroom, South Africa

How do you make changes on your profile e.g. price changes, adding or removing rooms.  How do you get into your own profile to make changes?

What do you mean the Listing Admin?  You mean the host?  The person who is supposed to be renting the room and showing guests the property?

need to block days for personal use?    how do I do this?

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La Mesa, Colombia


 you must block the days on your calendar and ready

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