How to rent out a primitive cottage

How to rent out a primitive cottage


We just finished renovating a little cottage that we’d like to list as an air bnb. I saw several primitive listings on the site, so I’m wondering how to go about legally renting ours out.. I called the county to get a rental permit, but they said that we had to have running water and a shower in the house, which we don’t. There obviously has to be a way around that, if people are able to rent out cabins with less amenities than my cottage.. any help/suggestions would be appreciated!! 

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On Airbnb you do not "rent out", guest pay for the temporary use of an accommodation.

It can also be a tent. No shower, no running water inside (hopefully...)

But would be nice to have clean water and a shower in direct neighbourhood....

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This all depend on the local laws and the location @Tanya534 
Even though it's a primitive rental you will probably need to provide some sort of basics for your visitors, as @Emiel1 recommended. Good luck, the hosting can be a lot of fun!


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@Tanya534  Go through your local historic newspaper archives and find the images when it was technically a home back in the earlier years and they didn't have such legal requirements.

Find the relevant legislation of the era and throw the book at them.


I smile each and every time I see 'Tiny House, cabin and the likes' because those sized homes were oft once a livable home for those of days gone by.


Try also sourcing info to get it registered as an Historic Place.


Some may not realise old barns also were once someone's home, and not only that for animals, hay or farm tools.


All the best

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