New experiences

New experiences


Newbie here-question. I have hosted three different guests in my unit. All three have had slight damage issues. They are as follows - broken lamp (which they didn't pay for and Airbnb is resolving) white towel used to clean mud up and now unusable (darker colors or paper towels were available) two different dings in walls, propane left slightly on and leaked over night, broken microwave plate cover, soggy cereal left on the floor. 

 Is this normal "wear and tear" ?  Besides the lamp of course. 


Thanks-happy hosting!

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I have had one broken item in 5 plus years of hosting, two ruined towels, on sheet, two pillow cases. @Tami239 


How are you vetting your guests?

I guess I am not, how are you vetting?

Hi @Tami239, welcome to Airbnb hosting! Sounds like some bad luck or possibly poor vetting as @Helen3 said or maybe you're not charging enough. Those kinds of things are really the cost of doing business, although that said, we've been hosting for years and have had only minor issues. However I hope you mentioned the safety issue of the propane tank in the review, that they left it on and it was leaking. That could have been disastrous.  M.E.

I guess I am not vetting-how are you all doing it and with who? 



Yes I stated the all the items in reviews without judgement. Let the next hosts make up their minds on whether they accept them or not.