If I'm a cohost for multiple listings but want to start a new listing on my profile, will my bank account be attached to all of the listings?

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If I'm a cohost for multiple listings but want to start a new listing on my profile, will my bank account be attached to all of the listings?

If I'm a cohost for multiple listings but want to start a new listing on my profile, will my bank account be attached to all of the listings or can you assign the bank account for specific listings? I would like to be the listing admin for the new listing, but will that bank account effect my other co-hosting pages since those are connected to the owners bank account. 

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Hello @Kylie200, good question!


I thought to reach out to @Joan2709, one of our amazing Co-Hosts in the CC, who could probably shed some light on your questions.


All the best!



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Hi @Kylie200 

@Paula tagged me about Co-Host vs Host bank accounts. Just a few things to clarify? When I look under your profile, I see (3) listings with you named as "Host" and others named as "Co-Hosts".


Are you the owner on these 3 accounts or in reality a Co-Host that the Owner has placed as primary host? 


Is the bank account for these three listings actually the Owners' bank accounts (not yours?). Are the Co-Hosts listed on these accounts actually the property owners?



Thank you @Paula for the introduction, we really appreciate it!


Hi @Joan2709, thank you for your response. To answer your questions, we are co-hosts on each listing and each listing has a different owners bank account attached to the listing on their separate Admin account. We do not own any of the condos.


We would like to begin a new listing under Kylie's profile, and attach our bank account for the new listing. However we want to make sure that the bank account we add will not effect our other listings that are currently attached to the owners bank account. 


As of now, Kylie's profile does not have any bank accounts associated with it. 


Thank you so much in advance, we really appreciate your time and help. 

Hi @Kylie200 


Hmmm....are you using Airbnb Teams?

No we are not @Joan2709 

Hmmm...I am really confused?  All 3 listings show "Hosted by Kylie" and different Co-Hosts on each?




Yes, so I'm the primary host on all of the listings, but there are different listing owners for each listing. 

Hi @Kylie200 

Hmmm...I have not seen this structure before? Normally an Owner remains as Primary Host under their name and then any persons assisting with the listing are named as Co-Hosts. Most Owners would not allow someone else to be named primary Host on the listing unless using a Property Management Company. 


Not sure how to advise you, so maybe another Host can chime in here who uses this setup (knows how it would work), or you'll have to contact Airbnb CS for a definitive answer. Sorry I couldn't be of assistance on this?

Hi @Kylie200 

Did some more research...


Bank Account Info

Your payout method (bank account info for example) is attached to an individual (your) profile. As long as you have your own bank account information attached to your profile, it stays attached to that profile whether you are a host, co-host, or owner. You and the owner should have different (separate) bank account (payout) information attached to each of your profiles.


Owner Makes Co-Host Primary Host

Sometimes an owner allows a Co-Host to be named as Primary Host if the Co-Host will be handling most of the guest communication and day-to-day activities. The owner is still listed as "Owner" on their profile, but guests see the Owner's name name as "Co-Host" on the actual listing page. Whomever they have made as primary host will appear as "Host" on the listing page to guests.


The Owner can change that at any time and make themselves Primary Host again for the listing. The Co-Host in this scenario would NOT have access to the owner's account profile, banking information, earnings, etc. The Co-host also cannot remove the Owner from the listing.


If this is how the listings are setup that show you as primary host, you should have your own banking account information that is attached to your own profile and the owner has their separate banking information attached to their profile. If this is the case and you want to create your own listing showing yourself as owner and primary host, it should not affect the other accounts that have Owners attached to them with their own separate banking information attached to their profile/account. 


In any case, the best suggestion is to verify all this with Airbnb BEFORE creating a new listing.






Hi @Kylie200 


Just a caution....since I don't know how you have privately setup the various listings and whose getting paid what on whose bank account, I strongly advise you to consult Airbnb. There are also tax consequences to consider when establishing who reports the listing income? I'm definitely not knowledgable about that!


Sorry couldn't be more helpful. Maybe some other Hosts can comment if they use the setup you are?