Improving Traffic

Improving Traffic

Good evening!


    Rick and Amanda here, eager to extend a warm hello to this wonderful community! It's been quite the journey as we've poured our hearts into launching our own Airbnb. Sarasota, FL captured our hearts with its enchanting Siesta Key beach vibes, alongside a bustling downtown boasting fantastic breakfast spots and vibrant nightlife. We're thrilled to be part of such a dynamic locale and look forward to sharing its beauty with our guests.

    I would like to ask for some guidance on the topic of improving our occupancy. We greatly appreciate any advice that can be shared. 


Thank you all! 

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London, United Kingdom

Hello @Amanda2824 😊 I hope you don't mind but I edited your post to add a direct link to your listing. This way fellow hosts can view it easily and provide some feedback 🙌🏽

I'd like to tag a few lovely community members in the hopes they can kindly share their feedback 🙏🏽 @Calvin173 @James3814 @Lorina14 



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Kawartha Lakes, Canada

Maybe cover the cord coming out of the back of the TV. 

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Beverly Hills, CA

Hi @Amanda2824 
One of the things we did when our airbnb was new was to underprice it for the first month or 2.
The impression i get from the photos is that everything is very "sterile", and i don't mean disinfected...i mean that there is very little "life" in the photos, and i would not feel welcomed in any of the rooms with the exception of perhaps the one shot of the kitchen--maybe. i'm not saying its a good shot because it is strangely centered...if you want to highlight the words on the wall, do it in a way that doesn't include so much of the other parts of the kitchen. but what i'm seeing is that you seem to have spent more time setting up this kitchen shot that most of the others.
what we did with our airbnb is to take each room separately, and make it a place that someone would feel welcomed.
for example, i would remove the luggage racks from all the bedrooms, and never include a suitcase in a photo. suitcases are ugly and should be closeted. guests are on vacation and don't want to be reminded of having to pack a suitcase...put it way. also, don't use it for a towel station ... suitcase racks are dirty from luggage use, and towels should be clean...ugh!
this is supposed to be a fun happy florida why have you chosen black curtains and a black wall in the dining room? and black placemats...yes the chairs are black but you can alleviate that with other things. but even the white against black makes everything in the dining room look very cold, stark and uninviting.
i don't really have time to tell you what's wrong with every room, like wrinkled sheets, folded up chairs (don't show those!), messy linen closet (really?!), something torn on the wall in one of the bedrooms (weird!), etc.
If you want to make money with your Airbnb, you need to approach it like a business, and not a hobby. Get people who understand design to help you give your place a makeover that will turn it into something that is inviting to guests. Go through every room and ask yourself, "Do I feel comfortable here?" , and "Do i feel like I am being "welcomed!", and if you don't feel that way, you need to change it so that you do.
And get a photographer who understand what a closeup is.
Anyway, don't be offended by these criticisms, you asked for help, and this is the help you need if you want to turn your occupancy around. Good luck!

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Yucca Valley, CA

@Amanda2824 What a cheerful looking place! So a couple things off the bat that worked for us:

  1. create your rooms and spaces. it's a little tricky to find at first (and now it actually might be named "photo tour" - but if you look at ours here you can see how it puts them in rooms up top :
  2. Your first five photos are your impression - I'd say the 2nd one with the back of the couch should go later in the album... 
  3. I agree on an earlier comment of tightening up the displays. If you show rolled towels, make sure they are "perfectly rolled", etc:) 
  4. Add a glass of wine and books to the coffee table
  5. Professional photos for sure (ours aren't but we've gotten away with it)
  6. Then, play the algorithm. Airbnb rewards you for being on the app. change the pricing daily, even if just $5 or add promotions, change the %, take a photo down, put it back up... sounds like a lot but it works! 

I hope that helps! Best of luck!!

@Amanda2824 Lovely property and there is a lot of nice stuff shown in your pics .

Two things that I felt and  noticed immediately.

1. The pics look clinical.

2.The first aid box looks out of place.


Wishing you all the best !



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Jensen Beach, FL

Hi @Amanda2824,  we host 2 bedroom 1 private bathroom,  while we are home only.  So it's more like home-sharing.  We like it,  mainly so we can be around if needed.  I also make a breakfast for guests in the morning.  This is different than your air bnb. That being said, we have found our winters busy and our summer slow.  People usually escape from the north to enjoy Florida sunshine, and avoid their cold. It might be a solution to lower summer rates,  but not holiday rates. Otherwise,  I think your house is very nice.  I always leave nice plastic cups in view of the pool to remind people about No Glass. 

Hi @Amanda2824 , i actually think your listing is pretty good. Modern, fresh, bright, minimalistic look. 

I find it useful to know about beach chairs. I can see thought in what you took. I've seen far worse photos for airbnbs and they aren't newbies.

You could add a bit more in the description, make it separate sentences rather than paragraphs so easy to skim and read. 

You are new, so it will take time to get your super host rating but with ongoing 5 star reviews that will come. Just keep doing what you are doing, wait for the private feedback (perhaps ask after you've got the review) if you want more insight to improve.

It also does depend upon your competitors.

I fall into the same trap of sometime overdoing my listing tweaks not realising there's a new competitor down the road! 

Hope this helps!




Hello Rick and Amanda! @Amanda2824 

Mary Ann here from Bar Harbor, Maine!


One of the things that really helped boost our occupancy, especially in the off season winter, was to develop a niche, and ours is hosting pets.


We are in the heart of Acadia National Park where families bring their dogs to hike. To do this successfully, we had to remove all of our wall-to-wall carpet and add easy to clean floors. We have cushion covers from Amazon on all of our leather furniture that we launder between guests, and special quilts for dogs that sleep on beds. It has worked so well that we were recently featured in an international pet travel blog as the most pet friendly rental in the area. 

If pets aren’t your thing, you might consider featuring local art. I absolutely love the wallpaper in your bedrooms, and local original art would totally complement those stunning walls.


We have a lot of original landscapes of the national park that guests have inquired about, and we are now in the process of developing a second niche for art. 

I can see you successfully offering local original art that captures the beach vibe of your Airbnb. Even if you don’t sell it, it adds to the aesthetic and authenticity of your listing. 

The last suggestion I have is to use the promotions feature. Any discount above 20% will get you featured in an Airbnb email blast and boost you in searches. After I apply promotions I post my listing on vacation rental Facebook groups for even more exposure. Promotions turned my seasonal listing into a year round vacation destination. 

Good luck to you, your place is fabulous!

Mary Ann



Hey Rick and Amanda!


Greetings to the community! Wow, your Airbnb in Sarasota is quite appealing—Siesta Key is a real treasure. Allow me to suggest some methods for increasing your occupancy:


Optimized Photos: If you do not have professional photos yet, spend on them. Good quality images that present all the special parts of your place can create a significant impact.


Compelling Listing: Ensure that your listing description is thorough and interesting. Highlight not only the characteristics of your house, but also emphasize on nearby attractions such as breakfast places and nightlife spots like what you have said.


Flexible Check-In/Out: By providing flexible check-in and check-out times, this can help to increase bookings from people who have busy travel plans.


Competitive Pricing: You can use Airbnb's Smart Pricing tool or keep an eye on your competitors to make sure your rates are competitive. Sometimes, a small cut in the price could result in more bookings.


Local Experiences: Collaborate with businesses in the area for special experiences, like guided tours, yoga time on the beach or reductions at famous restaurants. This can enhance the appeal of your listing.


Prompt Communication: Being quick and friendly while responding to inquiries and bookings can enhance your response rate and guest satisfaction.


Hope these tips help! Best of luck with your Airbnb journey.