Listing Critique - Deb in Fairview, NC

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Listing Critique - Deb in Fairview, NC



I am a little over 1 year in as a Superhost, so am pretty green.

I would love any feedback you may have.

Ive been thinking of changing my listing description from a 'storytelling stye' (paragraphs) to more of a bulleted list for scannability and clarity on home details.  Caveat: My property is listed two ways - as a 3bed/3bath and as a 2bed/2bath (with and without basement) 


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Hi @Debra699 - great listings. Really seems like you have an excellent grasp on who your ideal guest is and marketing to that demographic. Here's some general feedback:


- bullets or story telling style - why not incorporate both? Each has it's merits but you could add a bullet list in areas where it makes sense (like under the kitchen description for example). You have a really nice list for local attractions. Personally, I lean toward paragraphs as the rest of how AIRBNB represents info is like a bullet list.


- I have a preference for the lead image on "hollyhaven2" - this exterior looks grander 


- this is a bit odd: "Cabin is pet friendly but only allows dogs." I'd just remove all together, you have info on this in other areas so it isn't necessarily needed.


- your guests really seem to be delighted by your extra touches so I might highlight that even more in your description (with a bullet list maybe).


- your reviews - you can consider responding to your reviews with insight into your amenities - for example: "Amazing place and location! Absolutely would stay again. House is clean and beautiful, location is perfect. Debra’s little extras make you feel right at home." You could say: "Thanks for this review (blah blah).  So glad you enjoyed the extras, we just added "blah blah". Or "our 'blah blah' are a guest favorite" or "the blah blah are a big hit and I use every time when we are there too". I use my response to guest reviews as a way to speak to future guests thinking about my listing.


Wishing you much success!


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Thanks Joelle!

Bullet list are way too business like. I am so new to this but I am a people pleaser, so everyone who comes in my cabin gets a personal letter. I take the time. Yours looks great!

Much thanks!

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The storytelling style has worked very well for me. I’m a 10 years running Superhost and am always booked!

Your style and character are the reason people choose Airbnb over the corporate sameness of hotels. 
showing who you are with your writing and descriptions will continue to bring you success! 

I appreciate your feedback!

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Beautiful property with so many features.  In your listing without basement, there is a spelling error in dining table reference “seats siz”.

Theodore J Kriesel

Fixed, thank you!!

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Hello @Debra699 ,


In my opinion your listings are excellent!  The photos are so well taken that you tell everything .....Excellent job ! you are very orgnised! 

I wish you to have many reservations !