Listing doesn’t have essentials checked

Listing doesn’t have essentials checked

Listing doesn’t have essentials checked. Does that mean I have bring my own towels and toilet paper? 
am I required to bring bed linens duvet covers etc? Can i use alternatives? 

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It would seem so; however, I'd message the host and ask. 

Hi @Jameca0 

As suggested by @Kitty-and-Creek0 , the best way to find out is to message the Host. I will say that many hosts have simply missed checking the "Essentials" box on amenities when creating the listing. Most Hosts do provide essentials, but the only way to be sure is to ask. This might also help the Host for future guests, if they actually forgot to check that amenity in the list.

I've found that this is a bug with AirBnB.  My listing does not provide me with an "essentials"  box to check, however it lists "no essentials" at the bottom of the long amenities list.  Guests sometimes reach out to me asking why I list 50+ amenities and essentials, and "no amenities and essentials" appears at the bottom of the list.  I've created two support tickets regarding this, over the past few weeks, and it still persists!

Hi @Michael9095 

I see it on the listings I work with. Go to Amenities All and they are listed in alphabetical order:




Found under the bedroom & laundry tab. Click ALL at the top 




Thank you so much for clarifying!  I’m surprised customer support couldn’t help with this.  Such a relief to  finally work this out!

No problem @Michael9095 ...👍😊. Glad you were able to get that resolved as it is an important amenity to have on the listing.