Listing not showing up!


Listing not showing up!

Hi everyone!


I just joined the hosting community and listed my place yesterday. Every time I check my listing doesn't show up on the search results at all!


Even if I zoom in fully on my area. Why is this happening? Even if I filter to see the dates I set available, it doesn't show up still.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Chicago, IL

Hey, it shows up for me! You may need to try on another browser or clear your cache. From another article, "Keep in mind that each guest will see different results when searching based on the preferences they add, their past booking history, and other search criteria."



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Thank you everyone! I accidently clicked departing the next night instead of two nights later as my listing has a 2 night minimum. Oops! Thanks again 🙂

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London, United Kingdom

Great answer @Julie_Mike0, thanks for helping!



Did you ever get this figured out? Im having this same issue 

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Pompano Beach, FL

My listing does not show up on 15 pages and more. I haven’t had a booking since June from airbnb yet it shows 244 views. I reduced my listing price and even check in regularly. I have had a couple of bookings from vrbo but nothing from airbnb. This time last year, I had no openings until September. Any advice. Airbnb seem to think there is nothing wrong. Friends say they can’t find my listing. 

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Metula, Israel

I figured it out! Probably it can be from many reasons that the listing is not shown. In my case it showed up after I cleared up the dashboard, meant I went through the “to do list” offered there. 

Hello its been a week but my rooms are not showing in google and not even in others airbnb apps

what shoukd i do please help

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Barrie, Canada

I have been up for months and just disappeared today. Any fast resets since ABB is just ignoring this thread?

Hi all,

I'm having the same problem as others - I listed my place in Fields, OR and nothing comes up when you search it. I've had one guest, but since then, I can't find my place unless I go through the listing on my account, or share a direct link.


Any recommendations? I've tried the obvious ones that I've googled

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Owls Head, ME

Hi, not only am I new to Airbnb but I am not computer friendly. I can never find my listing. I have another rental that has had the same people coming for years so I know I’m good at hosting. I don’t bother advertising that one but I’m trying to rent this new one. I know it’s been seen because I have a couple coming for a week later in the summer. Where did it go? Evelyn

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Alaçatı, Turkey

My Aibnb had 5 bookings already and been up for about 6months. But cannot seem to find it on Airbnb search and when I zoom in on the map my listing doesnt show up. I am quite confused at this point as to why my listing is not on search or the map and how people managed to find me...

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Glasgow, United Kingdom

My live listing isn't showing at all (when searched for on another browser). What else do I have to do?

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands



You need to wait until this link gives a result (upto 24 hours for new listings):

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Glasgow, United Kingdom

Thanks for your reply. I thought I had done something wrong @Emiel1 

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Glasgow, United Kingdom

Ok if I search for my home when not logged in, nothing shows up

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England, United Kingdom

@Andrew2447 perhaps while it isn't live you could correct your title from Quite to Quiet.

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Placitas, NM

My 3 listings are not showing up.  I was notified by my nephew, he had someone who wanted to rent one, and they couldn't find any of the listings. So I searched first by city and 2 guests; none showed on 14 pages of listings.  Then I filtered by Super host and 1 bed, still nothing. Then I added dates that I knew were available (6 night minimum) and 2 of the 3 listings would not come up?  The smallest studio came up on one search. Any ideas on why Airbnb would be hiding them or are things just that out of control / glitchy?  Or are the algorithms just pushing the higher priced property management listings? 

I’m having the same problem on my listing. We got it active about two days ago and nobody can find it on any search. I’ve had multiple attempts at contacting Airbnb, usually responses take 4 hours, and they just tell me it looks fine and everything is good. Unfortunately having to switch over to VRBO is I don’t even know how I’m supposed to fix this.

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Lincoln, Canada

@Steve2846 Your calendar appears to be totally blocked: maybe that's why it's not showing up in search results? You don't have any dates available to book. 

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Haleiwa, HI

My neighbor's Airbnb lists fine..I have four Airbnb and it is hit and miss on whether or not they show up.  I wonder if I should also list with VRBO? 

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Pune, India

Hi, I joined recent n created a listing and published 3 days back however my space does not list during search. In profile, status says in progress wth 84% and not even able to see calendar to manage listing. I zoomed areas but not able to find my listen Spave.

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Durham, NC

Has anyone found a resolution to listing not showing up on a map search?

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