My simple suggestions to improve communication between Hosts and Airbnb

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My simple suggestions to improve communication between Hosts and Airbnb

All of us who have been here for a while know that support by Airbnb for hosts is utterly lacking. Donna Boyer, the new product director At Airbnb said in the recent Q/A from 6/19, "We know it can be hard to reach our Customer Experience team. We're committed to building systems to make it easier for hosts to reach us, including making our phone number and messaging easier for everyone to find. "

That tells me that nothing is going to change anytime soon. It is just a verbatim repeat of exactly what Brian Chesky said in his host letter the week before.

I think there is way too much "building systems" instead of straightforward simplicity. In line withnthat, the Q/A with Donna inspired the following idea:


  1. Have someone from the Airbnb product team be here in the forums at all time, to simply observe the cross section of daily questions and comments coming in and thus realize what is really of concern to hosts across the board. (That's a paid job for one or two people - heck, I'd be happy to fill that slot! ;
  2. Have that person select one or two pertinent issues or questions daily and take them back to a designated and qualified higher up at Airbnb for review AND answering.
  3. Have that designated liaison person from the Airbnb product team answer one or two such questions daily, with details and specific information, not a general "feel good" kinda thing- then post it back here. This should happen within one day, not put into a folder, like "we'll look into it", have your answer ready asap. Make it part of the daily routine, nurture that connection. As long as there would be substantive answers forthcoming, I bet it would be very popular AND dramatically lessen the anxieties around here but create good will!
  4. This idea (or any other one from any other host) is really not that difficult to implement - it just takes a commitment from Airbnb to sincerely want to improve communication. (Like how difficult would it be to simply post the phone number, instead of building systems about it??)
  5. It's time for Airbnb to recognize what a gold mine of information they have available right here in the forums, as newbies as well as experienced hosts come here to post their concerns and grievances. It clearly crystalizes the ongoing problems/issues from the hosts's perspective - not from an Airbnb techie's perspective to try out yet another new thing.
  6. Please nobody tell me to repost this in "Host Voice", that that would have a better chance of getting heard: That is precisely part of the ineffective "system building". If Airbnb wants to hear hosts, they would come here. Simple....
  7. I sure hope Airbnb will continue to thrive and not follow Uber's example of how a great start up company gets bogged down and riddled with internal problems. We hosts are the back bone of the company, I enjoy hosting, and I am grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity. I just want them to be the best they can be!
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"Add a photo of your dog, so guests clearly see you have a dog."


Suggestion...[inappropriate content hidden]  Listing doesn't say I own a dog!

I appreciate all your great suggestions..............I will definitely be redefininge my listing soon.............

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Amen to that sister

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  1. I am a new host and can't believe how difficult it is to get the advice I need I have been trying to send a special offer for the last 48 hours and haven't been able to do so I am tearing my hair out and my guest who wants to spaend a month is getting weary that I am unable to send I have gone around in circles 100 times at least some help me I have done it their way but to no avail HELP BEFORE I LOOSE THE BOOKING

Welcome to Airbnb Beulah 🙂 Do any of these help answer your questions?

@Beulah2 , aside from the great link to the Airbnb help section that @Dianna11 sent you, also check here in the community, in tips and tutorials:

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I agree about the difficulty with communication with airbnb. We had to cancel a reservation because of a flooding and now I'm at risk of having a negative 'standing' with airbnb. As well the rentor said that airbnb was trying to keep their money as a credit instead of refunding. This was no fault of anyone ... we're dealing with disaster recovery and shouldn't have to worry about trying to track down someone.

@Jo-Anne6, in such cases you have to call support before cancellation and they may cancel for you - a flooding should qualify for extenuating circumstances. You may still call to avoid the penalties. 

Your guest has the option in his account, if he wants a payout or the rent kept as credit for rebooking. That option helps people who do not have a credit card that allows them to book two places at once. Bank delays may be long and a guest may need the credit to rebook, before returned money would be on his account. Tell him to check his airbnb account on a computer, if he does not find it in the app. 

You should go to the help center on your account and type extenuating circumstances in the search bar. 

@Jo-Anne6, yes, like @Helga0 says, your incident would definitely qualify for extenuating circumstances. As it is, you not having cleared that up with Airbnb, you still are safe, as you have one penalty free cancellation as host in a 6 month period. They must have granted you that, otherwise the automated reply, "host cancelled this reservation..." would be visible on your listing, and it isnt.

check the rules here:

I have begun to believe that the values so rightly expected from hosts - to be gracious, generous and flexible - are not displayed by airbnb itself.  My location drives many new customers to airbnb due to its popularity in magazines, blogs and on social media... (At least 90% of my guests are new to airbnb, and a large number go to airbnb after having seen my property elsewhere). Airbnb has used the images from my location in countless ways... yet everytime I've needed something, its been a struggle just communicating with them or receiving anything not in keeping with an algorithim... Its so frustrating, because at the same time I'm so grateful to airbnb and would have really liked a more cooperative and positive relationship...