Need your help!

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Need your help!

Hi Airbnb Team! I'm a new Airbnb host and listed my property 3 days ago. I've received 156 views but 0 inquiries and 0 bookings. I know 3 days is fairly early but I really want feedback to see if there's anything in my booking I could do better. Your feedback is appreciated!

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Hi @Shideh1 


Lovely home and good job on your description and photos. I agree with everything Fred said.

I think 12 guests is too many (not sure where the last two would sleep?) Since there is only room at the table for 6,  if you are going for more that consider getting a bigger dining table. 

I noticed a couple of other little things- your caption on the pool photo says "we'd love to share our pool" which might be taken as its a shared space. Also, when starting out I'd advise not to take long term bookings- too many things can go wrong and you need to build up reviews. 

Best of luck!

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@Shideh1 Not much to critique, it is a lovely place. About all I would change (actually eliminate) is the duplicity of the picture of the beds or what appears to be duplicity; it is not necessary to show each one, it is not a home inspection but just enough photos for the looker to 'get the picture'.


I would also caution on allowing 12 guest in a 5-bedroom place (at the same price), much to loose and nothing to gain;  after all who travels to a secluded, quiet 'golf-course' neighborhood with 12 people in tow? Perhaps 8 (or 10) will more than suffice and easier to lessen the risk to such a lovely place. Always be aware of potential party animals.


And if so, make the pool area easy to use by 8-10 people with a welcoming seating arrangement  around a BBQ, under a gazebo (??) making the outdoor area just as usable and welcoming as the interior (where a gaming table for adults may be missing).


Just random thoughts. Good luck.

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Hi @Shideh1 , 

I was wondering if you had a chance to see Fred's suggestions?


How has it been for you in the past few days? Did you get any bookings?



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