New Host, new listing feedback.

New Host, new listing feedback.

Hi Everyone, I'm a new host and I am still trying to learn more about this community. I want to get some feedback on my listing, I'm open to all suggestions. Besides smart pricing option, what other ways do you use to be competitive in the market? How.ofyern do ypu go and adjust your pricing, is there an easier way to control this? Do you strongly recommend using a co-host? Thank you very much. 

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@Natalia1597 We use the app's smart pricing feature making sure to set a minimum, otherwise you end up with guests who treat your place like a cheap motel.


We don't use co-hosts, it helps us maintain quality.  We're both retired and live near our Airbnb building so it only takes a couple or few hours of our time weekly.



I'd use the exterior snow pic as the main one, it'll get more attention imo.  Really nice btw.


Hi @Natalia1597 !

I absolutely love your property/listing!  So serene and peaceful.


Per your request I wanted to offer feedback based on the pictures in your listing.

1. Consider outdoor picture of the cabin as your cover picture but toggle between them seasonally -- using the one with greenery during spring/summer and the snow during fall/winter. So impressive!

2. Consider adding pillows and throws of different textures to add to your "Cozy" cabin feeling.

3. Inside pics don't do the spaces justice -- consider taking pictures with as much natural and internal lighting as possible to brighten.

4. I see a swiffer sweeper in the bathroom pics --- try without the cleaning supplys/tools 🙂

5. Organize your games and books a little by size/color so that it's pleasing to the eye.

6. I see a black bears in one of your pictures -- I would most certainly list the possibility of an encounter as a danger in your house rules along with how to avoid - i.e. put all trash in cans, don't leave food out, etc.  BUT not show the photo... too scary for most folks -- even bear lovers.

7. Add more pics of the porch -- it seems like a perfect place to relax and take in the surrounding nature.

I wish you the very best of luck with your listing!


Hi @Natalia1597 , a very warm welcome to the Community🌻.


I'm so glad to read that you're starting out as a new Host and excited to learn from our community of super experienced Hosts😍. Many congratulations!


Did you get a chance to read suggestions shared by Kia, Christine-and-Keith and Alessandro? 


As our Hosts continue to share their incredible ideas with you, I wanted to share a few guides drafted by some wonderful and experienced Hosts in the Community as well, in case you find them useful for reference or tips. Hope it helps! 




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@Natalia1597 Keep in mind that smart pricing usually isn't very smart. Keep a close eye on what it's doing, or manually keep up with your prices. 


Use the CAPTIONS feature with your photos. Otherwise it's really difficult to figure out the flow of the house and where the rooms are relative to each other. Guests don't read, so they won't see it in your written description. 


Take better pictures. 


Last but not least (I'm telling you this to prepare you for guest issues), people expect a door on a bedroom. I note that two of your sleeping spaces are loft-style. You're listed as a three-bedroom. I don't think AirBnB has "loft" available as an option, but you are very likely to get complaints that the lofts are not bedrooms. Difficult guests will use anything to either cancel or get a refund. You may want to keep your capacity the same, but list as two extra sleeping spaces, or somehow be very clear so that guests know with absolute certainty that there is 1 bedroom and two lofts. Maybe some other hosts will weigh in on this. 


I have a very small loft with a bed at my place, and it's just listed as an extra sleeping space, not an extra bedroom. 


All the stuff in your listing about local attractions- Town Guide- should be in your Guidebook, available to guests in the cabin. Directions can be included in your check-in information. 


Good luck.