Refunds from the management

Refunds from the management

We have cancelled several accommodations. We were still far from paying for the accommodations and it was stated that we would refund 100% of the cancellation fee. It also stated an estimated refund date, but more than a week has passed from that date and my card has not been refunded. What is going on? If you don't respond as soon as possible, I should consult with the police, etc., right? Please check with your management.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hello @菜々1 ,

I understand that it must be distressing for you. But, as the members suggested, have you connected with Airbnb Customer Support for your query?

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Level 10
Bristol, United Kingdom

Hello @菜々1 


If you have written confirmation from Airbnb that you are entitled to a refund for the bookings you cancelled then give them a call if the payment hasn't come through. (it can take up to two weeks).


This is a community of hosts and guests so we can't help you with payment issues.

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Placencia, Belize

(Wondering what police department has the time to help with refunds nowadays)

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England, United Kingdom

@菜々1 This is a community centre not Airbnb customer support so only advice is available.


The rules vary by country but depending on how many cancellations you have made, if they overlap,  and when they are for then the refund may or may not be due.


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