Setting Check in / check out days for specific dates

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Setting Check in / check out days for specific dates

Having been burnt last year when a guest booked the middle weekend over the Easter break, meaning that of a potential 16 nights in high season I only managed a booking of 3 nights, I am keen to avoid it this year. I have set the minimum stay for 5 nights, but the same scenario could occur again. I want to set check in and check out to only the Friday or Saturday so that people can potentially book the first week or the second week. 


I have searched through the AirBnb settings, and I can see where to set this, but it only seems to apply to all of my calendar, and not for specific dates.


Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

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@Phil3258 To do this

1) Go to your account and switch on professional tools (available to all)

2). Go to your listing calendar and highlight the days over Easter and then in the pop out panel create a ruleset that does what you want

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