Setting Custom Monthly Discounts

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Setting Custom Monthly Discounts

Hi all -I am looking for some help. Previously I was able to set custom monthly discounts in the pricing and availability. Now it looks like that feature has been removed and you manage everything via your calendar. It seems like if you set 40% monthly discount, it applies that discount % to all months not just the specific ones I want. For example I am looking to set a 60% discount in November but I do not want that same discount in January. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Please let me know how I am able to set custom monthly discounts.

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@Francesca1963 you will need to switch on pro tools in your account and then apply a ruleset to the relevant dates in your listings calendar. This is called progress LOL.


Thanks!  What a horrible upgrade, Airbnb!  Plus, I still don't see a way to set a price for different months.  I much prefer to say that the month of Jan is $3,500 than figure out the percentage off, ugh.

And I hate the pro tools!  I can't even see how much I would get in a booking now.