Shortcodes not updating when I updated my listing

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Shortcodes not updating when I updated my listing

I updated my check-in and check-out times on my listing but when I go to message guests with quick reply's using the short codes for the check-in and check-out times, the codes pull in the outdated times. Has anyone else had this issue? Does it just take time to resolve? How else might I go about making sure guests are getting the right information? 



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Hi @Sarah5878 

Hmmm....I have seen that be an issue before? The short codes populate from specific sections of the listing. I believe the check-in, check-out times are only listed in the House Rules Section?  For now, maybe remove the short codes and add the times manually to your message templates until this is resolved. 


You might try updating the check-in/check-out info on both the App and a computer and see if that makes a difference?

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Hey @Sarah5878 👋


Could you try these simple troubleshooting steps to see if it sorts the problem, and if you have no luck, I can raise it with the Airbnb Tech Team 🤓


  • Log out (on all affected devices/browsers)
  • Close all browser windows/tabs (on all affected devices/browsers)
  • Open ONE new window (on all affected devices/browsers)
  • Clear cache and cookies and browser history (on all affected devices/browsers)
  • Delete & re-install app (if applicable)
  • Log in with your email from your Airbnb account

Fingers crossed this works, but please let me know if you're still having issues. 😍



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Hi! Thanks for the reply. I'm actually wondering if it's because I'm messaging people who booked before I changed the check-in/out times? Would the short code be associated to their booking terms? Do the house rules not update for people who have already booked? 


I ask because even though my listing preview shows the new times, the info my guests are seeing on the day-of check-in when they look at the booking in the app is the previous times.  





I had an incident at Christmas last year my cleaner turned up and guests still there after 10am and Id changed the checkout time from 11am to 10am ages before they came . The next lot of people arrived 1 hour early at 1pm not 2pm it was a disaster the first clients left the place not the best my cleaner was frantic .

Hello @Sarah5878 


I think you may have found your answer.  Any changes made to our listing regarding cancellation policy, pricing etc do not affect reservations already confirmed so this policy may well apply to check-in times too.


The answer would be to send them a normal message with the new check-in times for XY reason and to ask them to acknowledge the change.  You'll be able to see if they have read your reply at least

This is probably what's going on. When I set up scheduled messages I noticed that it will only send to incoming guests that have booked AFTER I set up scheduled messaged.


I check to make sure older bookings have their necessary information! Kind of a pain because if you have guests who booked a 6-12 months in advance I dont think they will get your scheduled message. 

Hi @Kate-And-Rory0 

When you create a scheduled message you have to attach it to a listing, or it will not be sent to guests. As long as your scheduled messages are attached to your listing, any future guests should receive the message, even if they booked long in advance of arrival date. Many hosts create schedule messages, but forget to attach them to their listing (I have done this myself...oops).This feature is more applicable if you have multiple listings, but you still have to attach it even if you have only one. Once you attach the scheduled message, you get a callout that says the number of reservations it applies to: