Sorting listing by price

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Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Sorting listing by price

Isn't it weird that you cannot sort listing by price?
I think ir's very basic and this is the first site that I saw that doesn't have this option.


Of course other sorting options such as reviews, distance from request place etc could be nice but price is like I mention is basic.
What do you think?

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I am a UIUX designer and I agree that this is a very fundamental feature you need to offer! It is soooo frustrating to go through 100+ listings. You are knows for doing so much the right way why fail here?

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Nantes, France

So much votes and replies wow. Didn’t knew it was still a thing, it does near two years I Airbnb without this lame app, win win with the landlord, my life is smarter without it.


this topic is a good proof that the money they collect is not used so much, it just goes into the pocket of well-endowed bobo who make fun of users.


so do like me and stop wasting money on apps that don't deserve it, use it free, search and talk.

Instead of going to , go to


Apparently in Australia you have to display the full price including the taxes and cleaning fees.

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But can you sort by price?

I love Airbnb... but horrible user experience when searching. 

VRBO is a great alternative to Airbnb. They offer the "sort" option. You will see many of the same rentals on there as Airbnb.

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St Peters, Australia

Air bnb are looking after their own interests and not those of their customers (which, they don't seem to understand are one and the same!).

I hate being manipulated like that.

I still have the choice not to use their site so I'm looking elsewhere although I'm set up with Air BnB (Just noticed that Stayz lets you sort low to high for price so I'm looking there).


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St Peters, Australia

Very annoying, and I'm not using this site anymore; I don't like being manipulated.

There are plenty of similar sites online!


"There are plenty of similar sites online!"


Such as? The only other site that does not ruin hosts with forced instant book is VRBO and it is a major pain to deal with them and lately there are no booking through them after they merged 

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Taylorsville, UT

Totally! All I’m asking for is 1) the 3 cheapest places 2) that are closest to my current location. 
Seems about as basic as you can ask for.. 

Why on earth would they not have either of these features?.. instead they allow you to filter by how many fridges the place has…

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England, United Kingdom

@Joseph1639 Airbnb like to control their hosts by affecting their placement in the search facility. Allowing guests to search by price would destroy their ability to do this.

You can however filter by a price range which together with using the map to focus in on the region you want. Not ideal but achieves 90% of what you want.

Yes, you are absolutely right about airbnb is a total control FREAK for hosts!! It's very challenging to be a host here.  Not only that, They lean unilaterally towards guests and punish hosts for any tiny little things. What the hell with can't even cancel a reservation that I don't even feel safe/comfortable to accept??? After all, it's my own property , by law I can choose whoever I want to step on my property  and the Hell with you loose your ''super host" statues after  you EVEN pay the ridiculous FINES to cancel a couple of reservations!!   They think the guests is paying the service fee, but HEY! without us hosts, who is going to pay your service fee??!!!

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Marlborough, United Kingdom

Absolutely agree - it's MEGA frustrating that you can't sort by price. Enough to make me stop bothering with AirBNB and go elsewhere.

Playing with the price slider is similar to sorting by price, yes a little more work.

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Nantes, France

Airbnb sucks so much. Most of the time I swap it for because it offers the option.


I wonder why they keep developing this app if the goal is to provide below the bare minimum of options.


At least, I would never accept a job in such enterprises, the lack of options reveals it must be managed by greedy Assholes with a focus on Data before the Human.


It must be a nightmare to work with such board of directors.

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Chennai, India

Yes. "Sort by price" is a very basic necessity and mandatory requirement for any type of booking site.   As a consumer of any booking site, I would like to see the cheaper options first.    This question was posted in 2017. Now it is 2021. Still they do not have this option.  I do not know how airbnb became popular without this basic feature. 

100% agree. The most basic function that even an entry level programmer could do is void from this site, only makes things so difficult. I waste a lot of time looking for low price places for short time stays. 

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Los Angeles, CA

its very misleading because the hosts are putting a lower price a night but only have that one night in the whole month making the other days double of the original search. I get you're going to pay more then your search because of the fees but don't be shady and cheat the system. If you don't want a cheaper clientele then put the price your feel your property is worth and in return you will get the clientele who is willing to pay for it. Yes of course holidays and peak days will be different but they should block out those days from the search.

Hi everyone,

As a consumer it frustrates me every time I visit this site that I dont have a sort by price button like nearly every other site for nearly everything else in the world.

I realise that being able to give priority listing rewards to product suppliers is more important to the company than consumer convenience. 

That sort of marketing style can be frustrating for many consumers tho. Liken the ploys used for buying real estate or a car, or sometimes even trying to find stuff in some supermarkets. 

Yes I see the price range tag which can nearly get there in a roundabout way - but that still doesnt provide what I would like and am used to elsewhere.

It is a pity the company cant do something else to reward suppliers that wont frustrate consumers as much.

I will continue to use airbnb but I thought I would add my bit to this conversation as this has urked me for ages (as I see it has to some other consumers).


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Glendale, CA

The solution is called VRBO.COM

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