Suspended my listing without any reason

Suspended my listing without any reason

I had very bad experience in Airbnb recently: one of my customer booked my cottage in name of 4 people but she invited over 30 cars, yes 30cars not 30 people in midnight for a party. They made too much noise so that my neighbors texted us and we have to call police to let them leave. You can’t imagine what damage they made! I called Airbnb before i called police Airbnb agent confirmed that “it’s your house, you can kick them off”—-but later I found Airbnb suspended my listing! Without any reason! I’m still trying to contact them but so far, 3 days passed no anyone contact me or tell me anything! I’m feeling so bad it looks like the customer broke my house rule, left tons of garbage, damaged our spa are not enough yet; Airbnb needs to punish me for customer’s faults 

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Hi @Yafeng1 


Sorry to hear you had this experience! Have you heard from Airbnb support since you posted?



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Yes, they have released my listing. But still feel it looks like a black box; no any idea who's taking care of it and how long does it need to review the appeal for suspension. 


No one knows their protocol in this type of cases


Just keep calling them help very little.