My two AirBnbs have been suspended with no reason, we had some guests check in recently under a different name and they left the next day when they realised there was a door camera.  I have called and messaged AirBNB for 5 days, they keep closing the messages and not fixing the issue.  Seems unfair when you know its a guest thats broken the rules 

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Sierra Vista, AZ

Similar story here. Guests got caught having extra vehicles and visitors at the property, made up a story about indoor cameras, and my account got suspended until Airbnb completed their investigation. It wasn’t until both reviews were posted 4 days later that I knew what their made up story was.


The good news I was cleared of the investigation in just a few hours. I’m also a superhost, guest favorite, with 7 years and 67-5 star reviews, and I documented everything in the Airbnb messaging chat, during Star outdoor videos, and after stay inspection pictures- trashed and filthy house.

Thank you, its just so unfair that AirBNB side with a rouge guest and you can't speak to anyone.   The cameras are external and only 1 ring cam on each apartment.     Its been since Tuesday, so hopefully they fix it this weekend.