Tip of the Week 16: Have a clear pet policy

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Tip of the Week 16: Have a clear pet policy

It is time yet again for another Tip of the Week and today I'm happy to be sharing a tip on avoiding pet surprises. A solid strategy to reiterate your pet policy will ensure nothing is left up to chance when check in day arrives. 🐶


The following tip was shared by Superhost @Lorna170:

"Whenever we get a get a new guest booking, we send an email to the guest that says that they have booked for date to date for X adults, Y children and NO PETS.  This usually creates a response from the guest that "Oh, we are bringing Fido and Fifi".   I then send a resolution center request for the Pet Fee and it must be paid before I send the door code."


On this thread, we invite you to share your tips on ensuring guests know pet policies, fees, and rules.  


Do you send a follow up message to confirm check-in details in order to prevent surprise furry guests?


We’re excited to hear and learn from you all. Let's gather some great tips and don’t forget to give a thumbs up 👍 to the best tips shared. 😊


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Loganville, GA

I have doorbell and driveway camera 

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San Ramon, CA

In the 2+ years being a host and many bookings I have never had that happen but once there was an extra pet so for me its not really an issue but i do like your suggestion of confirming they booked with no pets.  I also have exterior cameras so I will know if there is one.  I recently removed my pet fee and reduced the cleaning fee incorporating them into the rent trying to see if this strategy helps any as some guest complain about excessive fees but not sure that will make a difference.

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We choose to check our guests in OR we hire a friend to check them in.

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I have outdoor security cameras that would detect the pet and I would add an additional pet fee.

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Jacksonville, FL

I do the exact same thing to the T. I allow pets with a fee.   The ones that don’t respond or say they didn’t get the code while they are only 2 miles away from the home, are usually the ones that have unpaid for pets coming.

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Monroe, MI

Nothing will be a surprise if you use a security camera on the doors. And if your guests try to sneak in a pet, you will have already a disclaimer on your listing that indicates that if any unauthorized activity takes place, or unauthorized guests stay, their stay/reservation will end abruptly without a refund. You, or your boots on the ground person, can call the police to have them removed.  Or, less drastically, charge them and extra cleaning fee, $200, to remove the allergens.  Rules are rules. 

Also, we did have a guest with an artificial leg bring a service dog, which is allowed by law, and not tell us ahead of time. Now the listing reads that service animals, not emotional support animals, are allowed by law. We expect to be informed of any service animals ahead of time, so through cleaning can occur afterward.

I recently had brand new guests to Airbnb bring their dog and an extra unregistered guest. They were asked to pay a mere $30 extra cleaning fee and refused. It was stated plainly in rules. Airbnb supported my claim and the guests received a bad review. The whole situation was negative once they arrived. I learned not all guests are pleasant from their stay.