When using the "Share" link it displays a different currency and country.

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Cabarete, Dominican Republic

When using the "Share" link it displays a different currency and country.

I am in the Dominican Republic. Any time I share my listings using the "Share" button on Airbnb, it switches to the mexican Airbnb website, check this out:


As you can see, the share option has a problem. And I have seen other hosts having the same issue and looking for a solution. 
I need to fix this ASAP since this is affecting the guest's experience when having to come back to me and ask why is the currency displaying in Mexican Pesos instead of USD on their end. 

And I have to basically copy the super long link from the URL section and send that one. 

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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Daret0, I hope everything is well with you.


When I tried to click on the link you shared, an error message appeared saying the link is not available. Have you contacted the support team to resolve this issue? Please keep us updated.


Thank you.



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Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Yes I did, 

They don't have a fix for it. They suggested me to use custom links instead. 


Why not just escalate this issue to the dev department and have this fixed since it's something that happens to other users too?


Having a faulty function in the app doesn't sound very good.


Here's the link again:



Hi @Daret0 

This is very odd...when I look at your listing and use the share button, it does display in English (not Spanish) 🤔. You don't always have to send the long URL string to someone. You only need up to the ? mark in the string. This is your link:




That said, you should still be able to share the link from the App using the share icon. Have you checked if your language is set to Spanish in your account settings? Since you are logged in on the App as a Host when trying to send, it may be reverting to Spanish when using the share icon in Host mode. Try switching to Guest View in the App (click the view button) and then try using the share icon:




Check your language settings: