unable to share a custom link on Airbnb since December after the new update

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unable to share a custom link on Airbnb since December after the new update




please help. I’ve phoned several times trying to get assistance with my custom link not being shareable. Attached is the photo. I have: 

1.  deleted the Airbnb  app reloaded the app.

2. this custom link did work prior to the recent Airbnb upgrade. Now I’m unable to share my Airbnb link on social media.

3. tried phoning Airbnb support SEVERAL TIMES with a case number tickets  to prove.. Several times was told that my case would be escalated to tech-support and this was a known issue since the upgrade. However, no response from tech-support. 

4. I also tried re-creating my custom link and it still won’t work. I use an iPhone. 

5. NOTE: prior to the recent Airbnb upgrade I WAS able to share this custom link!! 

here is the wording for my custom link: tc-bay-view-and-town2. 


Thank you so much!! 


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Hi @Beth140 


Your custom URL does work for me when I try putting it in chrome browser. Took me to your listing:



Hi Joan2709, 

hi, my question was are you able to use your iPhone directly to copy and send your Airbnb link. My link on my iPhone does not allow me to copy and send to social media accounts like Instagram etc. are you able to copy and send directly from your iPhone your customize link? Thanks for your input Joan2709 really appreciate it


Hmmmm....Are you trying to copy and paste the link from your phone to social media and it's not working? What happens when you try to do that?


if you are not able to do that directly, could you copy the link and send yourself a text mesage with the link? Then copy the link from your text message and use that on social media?


Maybe some other Hosts can chime in here as to what works for them? 



not able to copy and send via the Airbnb link from my iPhone. I used to be able to prior to the Airbnb upgrade but now I can’t copy and send the link from my iPhone. Can you copy and send your custom link from your iPhone? please let me know I’m curious

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Hi Beth

as I said before it’s exactly the same for me !

I can email the listing but that’s not what I need to do 


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Hi there @Beth140


I wondered if you could follow some steps for me and let me know if the issues still persists? 


Log out (on all affected devices/browsers)
Close all browser windows/tabs (on all affected devices/browsers)
Open ONE new window (on all affected devices/browsers)
Clear cache and cookies and browser history (on all affected devices/browsers)
Delete & re-install app (if applicable)
Log in with your email from your account

Could you then access the account, and confirm if the URL is eligible according to this Help Center article. 


If this works and you're able to share the URL after that, yay! 🙌 

If it's not successful and you're still having issues, would you be able to share a video of the issue so I can raise it with the tech team please? 

It would be great if you could let me know either way! 



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HEllo Beth

Exactly the same has happened to me since the upgrade 

I have asked for support several times but have received unhelpful advice 

I like you can no longer share my custom links

This is on App and desktop

its extremely frustrating 

I called Airbnb and the Ambassador  reluctantly mentioned it might be a tech hitch

Hopefully this will be sorted soon 



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I'm having the same issue.