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    Hi everyone, Welcome to the "Ask about your listing" board – I hope you’ve been finding lots of useful information, insights and advice from our community. One of the amazing things about this space is that those starting out on their Hosting journey c... Latest reply by Phuc19
    Hi All, I had this unhappy experience recently. Pending verification wasted booking from other guests at the same time.Host and Guest gained nothing from this situation. Please do something that easy for both of us. Other functions are good i admit. Latest reply by Alison4
    I just listed property in fairly small town adjacent to Plymouth MA, a popular vacation site, and want to have listing come up when someone searches for places in Plymouth. Can that be done, and, if so, how? Latest reply by Natalia27
    I am a host trying for business status and that requires response rate of 90%. Until a recent booking, that I will describe, my response rate was 89%. This week I received a booking inquiry and replied within 5 hours. Questions back and forth and then I...
    I have an Airbnb unit at my house, and a friend has asked me to manage a listing (or 2) for her. I don't know if I need to create separate listings for her, or if I can add hers to my listings. If I can add to my listings, how do I set it up so that t... Latest reply by Maryam-Al-Fakheer0
    I'm having difficulty in editing my listing. The check in time appears low down in the listing under the title "Other things to note" which is the last item in the main description. Can anybody out there help me? Latest reply by Graham-And-Michelle0
    Hello, I just accepted a reservation for the summer and 10 minutes later realised that Airbnb had filled in all future dates with my low-season rate. I changed the reservation with the new rate and sent a very apologetic message to the guest explaining ... Latest reply by Margaret0